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 Oh so scary, YOU just have to fight fear

> look at the picture closely

You look at the picture. It is the picture of a family. You hear a screaming voice of a girl a few seconds later.

> touch the picture

You touch the picture. The picture then gets broken and you hear another screaming voice, making the picture out of the picture frame.

> take picture


> inventory

A picture of a family.

> examine room

You see a shadow nearby the window. It fades away for a second. Then you see a head of a kid fall off. You examine it. It is a head of a kid which is a boy. You touch it's hair. It pops with blood and another shadow appears nearby the window and fades away again for a second.

> shake again in fear

You hear another screaming voice. A ball also falls off. You looked at it. It has a note.

> take note


> inventory

A picture of a family. A note.

> read note

It is not understandable. It is also written in blood. You decided to read it later.

Would you like to...

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