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 Horror House I: Escape The Fearness

C:\> thehorrorhouse_

The Horror House! Copyup 2009-200X, Copyupped by Fearness, Inc.
Cereal Number: 777

> read leaflet

Welcome to the Horror House! In this chapter, you shall escape the fearness. You're outside your house. You wanted to go in a random house. You're still walking by for 8 kilometers. Then you into a horror house! It is large and webby, and you were also walking on the middle of the night. The clock goes on randomly. It's empty in here. I mean, no people. Also, the light turns on and off, and the light is color red, and it looks more like blood, too. It turns on and off more.

> shake of fear

Don't you worry - I'm still here.

> fight fear and examine room

You examine the room. Currently, you're in the living room. Oh look, there is a picture over there.

Would you like to...

  • OP here, I just wanna say I made this when I was so immature. If you want to proceed, go ahead. It's so stupid..ha.
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