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Member of the Order

edit That dumb Magikoopa

Kamek is a fat Raven that wears a spider for a shirt. He was Bowser Koopa's personal trainer back in 1939. During WWII, Kamek ate cannons bringing them back to Kastle Koopa for Bowser to eat. In 1982 Kamek met Mario, a dumb vigilante plumber that eats everything in his path. The monstrosity's bro, Luigi, or Captain Boogers,started eating all the goombas Kamek summoned. Frustrated and nearly dead, Kamek went home to check on Bowser.

edit Kamek goes crazy

Nearly 15 years later Kamek went crazy and hired a rogue alien invader Kirby to assassinate everybody. Then another alien, Tatanga came. He was hired by Wario. Tatanga killed Kamek, Bowser, and Kirby.

edit Kamek's Ghost

It is rumored that Kamek's ghost still haunts Kastle Koopa.

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