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Martin Luther King Jr. DK

This was the inspiration for the Black Parade.

“This must be a Black History Month parade.”
~ Captain Oblivious on The Black Parade
“When I was a young boy my father took into the city.”
~ Welcome to the Black Parade
~ Typical My Chem hater

The Black Parade is a parade by My Chemical Romance in which the band marches through "the city with their marching band" and abduct the undead. While they abduct the undead, the band sings many songs about Dead! stuff and just dark orientated songs. A few songs are random. For example, Gerard sometimes sings about his Mama and shouts Disenchanted type Famous Last Words like I Don't Love You, and Heaven Help Us. He also sings about Cancer and Killing All of His Friends. This song-carnage occurs until he reaches The End and returns to the House of Wolves with The Sharpest Lives. That's How He Disappears. Such foolish grave robbery tactics.


Welcome... to... the... motha'fucking... black parade!

edit The End.

The Black Parade begins with an event in which Gerard Way calls "The End." This doesn't make much sense.

edit Dead!

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