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Kirasu, Showing some ass and raping sword.

Gantz-0 (ガンツ) Not to be confuse with its less gory cousing Gantz is an element found in the anime series. It's symbol is G0 and is lethal shit. When applied to males, G0 will cause hyperventilation, arousement and nosebleeds during the high amounts of sex. Especially true in the case of the first episode(s) of G0 where naked chick is licked by a dog just like in original series. And bitchy schoolgirls are killed in small rooms.

This thing is like taking philosophy course while on drugs and fucking your gym teacher. ((yeah that bad, worse than the original Gantz))

Deathly mushrooms ~DESU?

Some may call the soka entropy system. I just think that the fact that mushrooms are more deadly than vampires is ridiculous. -Poem- When deadly mushrooms attack do not use fire, they will just shoot back. Use the raping sword on your back, because it can also cut the grass. The shit you just killed had tentacles! That's right your bitch just got a deepthroat massage! And ~DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU!


Gantz-0 is the first thing ever to be based around a main character and have everyone else be shitty extras. This bad-ass that is supposed to be the next deadpool has more weapons than Rambo in the revenge of the deathly hallows with Oroshimaru starring as Voldemort. (which is in its own right the movie that should had been.) Due to a translation error and something called creative license, the show became simply about being horny and psychotic and how going on killing sprees can provide momentary relief for these kinds of things.

One of the important morals of Gantz-0 is: "Bitch I bought more lives than you!" That and getting your score over 9000 while not defeating 300 manly and homosexual bare-chested Spartans. (No seriously they made a reference of that in the Manga.)


The characters in Gantz-0 are always having episodes, and crazy days, psychotic rampages, axe murders and so on plus huge sex orgy in chapter 17 Also much burning all over the place. If you don't like that sort of thing, then this isn't for you.


While normal people would call them episodes, Gantz-0 is divided into 30 Games of the same misguided hellspawn. with roughly two or three rounds each, (cowboy time!).

Game 1

Hey little guy, Whats wrong,

(broken neck), go die in hell.

The horror, oh the horror.

Game 2

Dinosaurs man,

I'm tripping!,

wait! what?.

Game 3

Dear Diary:

I just killed the pick haired bitch she bit me

my cock is hurt

Game 4

I saw a little girl I think she will die

Yep she died, good thing she had a sister but I already told her

Bitch, get off my leg.

Game 5

I took the little girl home

I felt bad and dint want to be like that other main char.

hoping for sex though

Game 6

Too disturbing to write about, even 4chan is quiet about this.

Game 7

still horrible

Game 15

fuck eva the other shit was mind rape had to skip and not writing the rest.



Kirasu, Showing the less clothing trend and deceptive cuteness


Kirasu is a sex phrase meaning "damn hot,underage.". Recent research conducted by anime authors indicated that Kirasu is the end product of the typical girly schoolgirlthat became a hot and deadly bitch No scientists have yet been able to explain the demonic tail that comes later on. Kirasu has a policy of less is more, when it comes to clothing, Whether this is humanity's natural rejection of the concept of clothing or not is not yet clear.---->see pic.


Born of the fantasies of clamp and fangirls of code geass he lived in bad Tokyo, where he was despised for his bibble power/skills. One day, during an exceptionally bad game of strip basketball with guns, bad Tokyo was attacked by godzilla, (not kidding, they guy imagined but migth as well say what happened) leaving Vindicator alone and insane, also naked. After a night of passion, he was opened up and killed for organ trade, Brazilian style. then was found by Uber-Pimp Nakaru and taken back to his secret underground squirrelcave slave trade/gantz games. The guy is the bitch to Nakaru and is alive.


Pwnage. (need I say more? the guy is a pimp and emoish sometimes carries like over 9000 weapons hidden in dimensional pocket/ as)


Too many to list, too unimportant to care, just have in mind if not main char they will die. except the cat the damn cat never dies.


Only seen in chapter 17/ (bible black chapter) Nakaru enjoys torturing people with his super long sword that keeps on growing(Not making this shit up, the swords are German madelike any other stuff in Gantz, Gantz-0 and it just grows....)

Nakaru the Uber-Pimp


Nakaru Using the most expensive suit gantz-0 can sell.

Nakaru is secretly Simon's father, but when Kamina died he had no options but leave him be to become as pimpish as his father who secrectly has sex with the cast of Higurashi koro ni kai.

Aside from that, Nakaru enjoys eating small angels,(It happened!) growing poisonous plants, taking the weight of naked girls upon his shoulders, and long walks on squirrelcave Call now!a and get billy mais to be his speaker!


James Nirity is a secret agent who works for Drunk Tony Stark, and holds the world record for deepest perverted shit. His job is to make sure the games are twisted. He also has an awesome rapin' arm.

The Director of International mess up shit A.K.A Gantz-0

Even bigger asshole than Gantz.

Oscar Wilde

How did he en up here?


Prehistoric times with naked women

Since this is prehistory and anyone with a phg (that's right phg not that phony Ph.D crap) will tell you this is based on the proven fact that since is before history raping cavewomen who aren't covered in hairs is alright and wont mess the spacetime continuum


THis is where pimp master beat off to Johny rocket's shakes and girls forced to wear small skirts and roller-blades (sonic and johny rockets combined in some perverse Japanese version of a restaurant / base of operation) -{May be real in real life}

Scientific research from the Oxford Academy in Camebridge and a conjunction with the university of frankfurt germany and cuban FBI stated that 97.3% of the series was filmed on Location in sexford USA. the remaining 10% was filmed outside, using miniture sets, coffee mugs, and chop sticks. yes the series makes a 107.3% sense.

One bathroom apartament

small flat where rapes happens occasionally around 12:37 PM

St. Reivax's Academy for Underestimated ball flippers sex

St. Reivax's Academy for Underestimated ball flippers sex is the school in which Nakaru and Kirasu attend their sex lessons.

Filming and Distribution


Gantz-0 is filmed in front of a Live Studio Audience using hand-held Cameras, and Pin-Hole Cameras. for tight places. Filmed on Location in Cuba, minestary of magic-canada gantz-0 captures real people to play macabre games of the real world, using real actors in life threatening situations, to bring the realism of true life to the

IMAC IMAX screen


Gantz-0 has so far been translated into over 8999 +binary languages including English, Gaelic, French, Hebrew, Russian, Ancient Greek, Isebaldamic, Fargoshian and even Candrantophlembonian. And ancient germaneze Gantz-0 is enjoyed by many people, mostly appealing to the age group, of those ages 1-1000. And the ALiens of planet Sakkar.

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