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edit The Map

  • Three new planes will be added: the Warrens, the Nimbus, and Nifleheim.
  • The Warrens are "below" Stygia. They are considered not-newbie friendly, worse even than Stygia.
    • You will need to perform a blood sacrifice to get in (spend HP).
    • They are relatively easy to travel, and resource-heavy.
    • It is considered always night in the Warrens.
  • The Nimbus is "above" Paradise, in the clouds.
    • It will be difficult to go there--you will need to use beanstalks.
    • There are fewer resources there, but it's slightly more newbie-friendly than the Warrens.
    • It is considered always day in the Nimbus.
    • The Firmament (which comprises most of the Nimbus) counts as water for Elementalists.
    • You can generate lightning in the Nimbus, which will then strike Valhalla
      • There is an Achievement Badge tied to this
      • You can't control where it hits
      • Can knock out power
  • Nifleheim is the Land of the Dead, half Old West and half Transylvania.
    • As such, undead can be summoned anywhere, inside and out.
    • Resources are spread out in towns. Travel can be done between towns on a railroad (like the ferry, but costing more AP)
      • The towns are named Lago, Big Whiskey, Boomtown, Silverado, Dry Gulch, and Necropolis.
    • There is also a huge Enchanted Forest in Nifleheim, which contains Castle Vrykolakas.
    • Even though there is light in Nifleheim, it is considered always night for Revenants.
    • It is about the size of Purgatorio, except it's all one "island."
    • Two Dust Rivers cross the whole of Nifleheim. Both count as water for Elementalists.
    • There is a "toll" to get into this plane.
  • Portals can now cost one (or more) of HP, MP, or AP to enter
  • T3 people will no longer spawn in Valhalla (St. Germaine)
    • They will respawn in the Nimbus & Paradise/Nifleheim & Purgatorio/Warrens & Stygia instead
  • You will now spawn within 10 squares of your stronghold
    • Unless you're T3 and your stronghold's on Valhalla
  • All T3 planes will have places where you can see how the Nexus works
    • ex.: Nifleheim will have places where you can see the death servitors in action

edit Factions

  • Multi-allowed factions are no longer in existence.
  • There will no longer be any faction foci because:
  • Members of a faction get a bonus when they're on territory aligned to their faction.
  • Your stronghold ward is now powered by the infusion in the stronghold square.
    • That's depth, not breadth.
  • Laying down a stronghold will automatically infuse it to a certain depth
  • SH locations regenerate infusion daily
  • You can lay down a stronghold in allied territory
  • There will be a cap on infusion depth.

edit Raiding

  • THIS WILL CHANGE. MASSIVELY. Everything you currently know about raiding will be wrong when Straylight hits.
  • Your faction flag has gained a flag shield.
    • This shield will drop on the stronghold being cleared.
    • It will also drop if you deal enough damage to it.
    • If you leave and come back, then it won't regenerate instantly; it regenerates with a tick.
    • The strength of the flag shield is tied to your karma.
      • That's breadth, not depth, of infusions.
  • There are top-seekrit ideas in the works that may change the idea of a faction as we know it.

edit Skills

  • Revenants are getting "the biggest nerf in the history of the game" (≥-25% acc and a bunch of damage)
    • Mostly coming off of SoD and Frenzy
  • Carbon Core is getting a "balls-aching nerf", in that YOU CANNOT BE HEALED, STATUS AILMENTS, HP, OR MP, WHILE WITHIN IT.
  • Bloodlust can now be activated/extended through a Blood Ice
    • Bloodlust also now has a 5 minute cap and costs MP per minute active
  • IB Skill: Child of Thloaghru (90CP from Infernal Frenzy)
    • Grant perfect regen per minute under bloodlust
    • Grants immunity to many debuffs
      • Namely: Poison, Weaken, Dark Heart, Life Vampire, Soul Vampire, Demoralize, and Agony Curse
    • Going into Bloodlust will cure said debuffs
  • Lich Skill: Servitor of the Grave (30CP)
    • Summons a corpse from elsewhere in the Nexus to the Lich's location
  • WM Skill: Favor of G'Nak (60CP from Summon Tentacle of G'Nak)
    • Tentacles can hit flying targets and cause them to lose flying status on a hit
    • Tentacles also can drain 1MP per hit
  • DO, WM, VW Skill: Stain (30CP)
    • Deinfuses territory cheaply
  • Lich Skill: Summon Wraith (90CP from Summon Ghoul)
    • Summons a Wraith, a pet that kicks ass, but can break free and kick yours as well
    • Wraiths can't be set to anything other than aggressive
  • Boxing will get a buff
  • Wizard Skillset: Staves
    • The skill tree goes like this:
* Staff of Power
    30 CP
    Wizard gains a ''Staff of Power'' item.  It has 30 charges.
    Wizard may recharge staff using Magic Points (1 AP, 1 Charge for 5 Magic Points)
    Staff has two attacks:
     Melee strike (5 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
     Ranged strike (6 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
	* Staff of Might
 	   60 CP child of Staff of Power
	   Wizard's staff becomes more powerful.  It now has 60 charges.
 	   Staff regenerates 5 charges/day.
 	   Staff has two attacks:
 	    Melee strike (7 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
  	    Ranged strike (8 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
		* Staff of Wizardy
		    90 CP child of Staff of Might
		    Wizard's staff becomes more powerful.  It now has 100 charges.
 		    Staff regenerates 10 charges/day.
 		     Staff has two attacks:
 		     Melee strike (9 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
     Ranged strike (10 dmg, Magical, 1 charge)
	* Wings of the Magus
	    60 CP child of Staff of Power
	    Wizard may now activate a temporary flight power
	    1 Charge per use; lasts 10 minutes.
	* The Drawing of Power
	    60 CP child of Staff of Power
	    Wizard may now draw Magic Points from the staff - 15 Magic Points at a cost of 4 charges and 5 Action Points.
	* Sphere of Destruction
	    60 CP child of Staff of Power
	    Staff gains an area of effect attack
	    Its ''per target'' damage value is equal to the character's level and its ''maximum damage'' is (character level * 10).  It deals Electrical Damage.
	    Attack has a base chance to hit of 70%
	    Attack will not harm Faction members
	* Sphere of Annihilation
	    90 CP child of Sphere of Destruction
	    Staff gains a new area of effect attack.
	    Its ''per target'' damage value is ((character level / 4) * 5) and its ''maximum damage'' is (character level * 12).  It deals Magical Damage.
	    Attack has a base chance to hit of 70%
	    Attack will not harm Faction members
	    Attack deals 5 points of damage to affected target's Magic Point total
  • Staves use charges to use their effects.
  • You recharge the staff with MP
  • Even though they've been created, Elem. skills will not be introduced in Straylight
  • ES Skill: Master of the Martial Form (60CP from Way of the Whirlwind)
    • Grants Soft Strike (+3 damage, +5% to-hit) and Cobra Strike (+5 damage, -5% to-hit)\
    • Also grants +5% attack flat
  • ES Skill: Master of the Hidden Energy (60CP from Way of the Whirlwind)
    • Grants "elemental punch" (specifically: Piercing, Slashing, Ballistic, Cold, Fire, Electrical, or Nexal)
    • Costs some MP, but no extra MP
    • Only affects H2H attacks
  • LS Skill: Soldiers of Purity (60CP from Summon Judgemaster)
    • Buff to JMs, including reducing move cost
  • LS Skill: Soldiers of Might (60CP from Summon Judgemaster)
    • Increases attack of JMs (stacks w/ SoPurity) and changes damage to Magical
  • LS Skill: Brothers' Bond (60CP from Summon Aethersprite)
    • increases # of summonable Aethersprites
  • LS Skill: Light of the Mind (90CP from Heart Light)
    • Aethersprites now heal MP (but not on petmaster)
  • Lich Skill: Bone Seeker (60CP from Animate Skeleton)
    • doubles skeleton dmg & gives them a chance for a 2x crit
  • Rev Skill: Animus of the Wolf (formerly Walks By Two) (60CP from Shadow of the Wolf)
    • wolfman form, grants ES, melee (not ranged) weapon attacks
  • Rev Skill: Animus of the Bat (formerly Flies By Two) (60CP from Shadow of the Bat)
    • "GFB" form, grants better flight, ES + seeing invisibles, better bite, some inventory, no weapons
  • Rev Skill: Shadow Armor (60CP from Strength of Darkness)
    • Grants innate armor (!)
  • Rev Skill: Sword of the Skeletal Champion (60CP from Strength of Darkness)
    • Grants powerful magic sword
  • VW Skill: Eye of the Assassin
    • Bonus to Thrown Weapons (doesn't work with Whisper of the Thousand Teeth)
  • Agony Curse no longer affects mortals
  • Defiler Poison goes away on a mortal's death
  • Rev Skill: Howl (60CP from Shadow of the Wolf)
    • Summons a wolf pet
    • Pet is only available in wolf form
  • Rev Skill: Echoing Howl (90CP from Howl)
    • Multiple wolves (3-6) can be summoned
  • Leaguestep gets a buff
    • doubles teleport distance and halves MP cost
  • Seraph Skill: Wing Shards (60CP from Wings(?))
    • Ranged/AOE attack only available when flying
  • Pariah/Sorc./Paladin/Shepherd Skill: Flag Warden (40CP from Infuse/Purify/Corrupt)
    • Caster can heal the Flag Shield
  • NC Skill: Tattoo of the Third Eye (60CP from Eye of Death(?))
    • Might allow Eye of Death to work across planes (?)
  • IB Skill: Whip of Anguish (60CP from Whip of Suffering (?))
    • Buff to the Whip, including damage, accuracy, and a chance to inflict Weaken

edit Interface

  • Legacy and Enhanced Interfaces have been more or less merged.
    • The status window from Enhanced will be updated dynamically, but if you do anything, it'll refresh the page (like Legacy).
  • The map screen has become 5x5 rather than 3x3.
    • It also indicates your position with a white icon
    • You click on the box to move, rather than a "move here" button
    • Individual people are rendered (up to a maximum) in the map screen
    • This is similar to SteamFront
  • Faction mails will be saved eternally.
  • Everything gets saved at once.
    • This means less rollback glitchery.
  • New faction mails will be announced in the "Faction Mail" tab
  • An outbox will be added to faction mails. Guess what it's used for.
  • The Inventory screen is now a popup
    • You can give items directly from the Inventory screen (replaces the Give button)
    • The window will break into several panes (Normal, Equippable, Equipped, Spells)
    • Items for slots you have already filled that you aren't wearing will be greyed out
  • The Target pane is going away (is replaced by rollovers)
  • Massive in-game help system has been created

edit Cults

  • Cults are end-game content that has been worked on forever. They will be added in Straylight.
  • There are nine shrines around the Nexus, one for each Power.
    • One of these shrines is located in the Witch's Waste
  • If you meet the right criteria, you can pray at an altar and join that cult.
    • You must be of the right alignment (not necc. morality) to join that cult (only Angels can join Namm, Barass, and Alonai, for example)
    • Namm cultists MUST have Hand of Zealotry
    • Alonai cultists MUST NOT have Hand of Zealotry
  • Favor is a new statistic once you join a cult that tracks how much that EP likes you
  • Increasing favor comes in many forms
    • In Tlacolotl's cult ONLY, gain favor by killing a fellow cultist with higher favor
    • Alonai likes it when you heal people
    • Everyone can sacrifice stuff to their respective shrine to gain favor
    • Everyone can kill opposing cultists to gain favor. This is a bounty system
      • See the Political Matrix for which EP hates which--this might help you identify bounties
  • As favor increases, you get bonuses, CP, and Gifts
  • Once you reach a favor benchmark, you get a badge granting you CP
    • This starts at +5 CP and increases by 5 thereafter to a max of +50 CP
    • You can gain up to 250 CP from Cults
    • One time CP grant only
  • Gifts are essentially skills tied to favor. Each cult gets 4.
    • You only have a Gift if you have favor greater than or equal to the favor benchmark
  • Known/Rumored Cult Gifts:
    • Agh-za-haru: Inflict Insanity
      • "shenanigans gift," touch-targeted status effect; if afflicted, target has like, a 75% chance to hit different targets than he aimed at and/or move to incorrect squares
    • Alonai: Immunity to Agony Curse
    • Barass: decreased AP cost for talking (?)
    • Barass: Free faction mail (?)
    • Barass: Can rejuvinate other peoples' pets (high favor)
    • Barass: Cultist gets full bonuses in allied territory
    • Goros: Secret Doorways: Gain access to portals only Goros cultists can use (high favor)
    • Hashaa: Grants MP if anyone dies in your square for any reason (high favor)
    • Hashaa: No toll needed to access Nifleheim
    • Hashaa: Cultist has some latitude in their respawning
    • Marquai: Grant AP to another player
    • Marquai: Additional AP to the cultist
    • Namm: Killing neutrals grants +MO
    • Namm: Immunity to MP drain
    • Thloaghru: Can steal MP from pets (high favor)
    • Thloaghru: Spell reflection
    • Tlacolotl: Increase damage bonuses as you lose HP
  • ALL the powers hate killing mortals.
  • If your favor with your power goes negative, bad things happen

edit Monsters

  • Haldos now roams the Necrotic Tower
    • Can summon wraiths at will
    • Isn't deterred by doors, barricades, or wards
    • Has 70% dodge
  • Harzath the troll now roams the Necrotic Waste
    • Regenerates a fuckton of HP per pet tick
    • Dev team considers him the hardest of the new monsters
    • When he kills someone, he can chuck their corpse at the next target
  • The Iron Juggernaut in Paradise has gone back online
    • Has 150% to-hit and 60% defense
    • Attacks using multiple elements, and immune to a lot of them
    • Ignores barricades and wards

edit Miscellany

  • Images have been added to the login and faction mail screens
  • New 'accounts get a helper kit with fun stuff in them
  • The way Pristine weapons work has been changed (a "berf")
  • Wards have changed
    • Will block a T1
    • Costs a T2 4AP to move through
    • Costs a T3 2AP to move through
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