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The main characters of Golden Sun, staring dreamily into the distance. So dreamily...

Golden Sun: The Lost Age (originally released in Japan under the title Ōgon no Daiben: Ushinawareshi Fusein no Ōgon no Toire {黄金の大便 失われしフセインの黄金のトイレ}, meaning Shiny Floating Lightbulb in the Sky: I Can't Find My Dentures) is the sequel to the cult classic GBA game Golden Sun. It continues the story from the antagonists' point of view, but plays almost exactly the same way.

edit Story

As you may recall, at the end of the last game, Felix and ET Sheba from Kuwait were dropped from the top of the Venus Generator after Isaac and his team killed the two nuclear physicists that activated both this generator and the Mercury Generator. At that same time, Jenna, Kraden, and Alex were trying to get to a place that would be relatively safe from the resulting radiation. They didn't make it all the way, though, and their safe zone was dislodged from the mainland by the atomic force of the energy from the Generator. The safe zone floated in the Eastern Atlantic ocean for a while, by chance picking up Felix and Sheba (who had miraculously not died) until the whole thing got smacked down by a tidal wave. Once it hits the mainland near India, the group of about four people starts off to get a boat and continue activating the generators.

edit Gameplay

Once again, the game primarily focuses on the use of Psynergy, with this one adding even more obscure powers like Lash. Honestly, what the hell? You tie a rope to a post from a distance? That's crazy talk.

edit Psynergy

The Psynergy system was renovated in this game due to the newer member of your party, namely, Kraden. He can use the Heart element to ensure that the others can use more than one Psynergy at a time, resulting in advanced classes like Ninja and Samurai despite most of the people involved being from Greece. However, as I'm sure you know by now, Kraden can't directly attack with the heart element, but that's a small price to pay.

edit Summon

Kraden's usefulness has no limits. The various stone tablets scattered around World (where the game takes place) are indecipherable to all but the most dedicated scholars. And since Kraden also possesses the binding Heart element, he can decode the tablets and use them with his binding techniques to grant multielemental summons, like the low level healing summon Iris, or the impossibly damaging summon of Zagan.

edit Item

Items continue to be a crucial part of gameplay with Class items, which are varied and valuable. Class items, when equipped, change your character's class to any other class in the game (selected when the item is found). Since there's eight items and eight class-changeable characters in the game, that allows you to customize your class to your exact needs. Djinn still help, but only to a lesser extent.

edit Heroes

This game features even more somewhat memorable characters than the last game.

  • Felix - The main character, and, much like Isaac before him, unable to speak properly. His primary element is brown, and he also can move pillars around. In fact, calling him Isaac 2.0 wouldn't be far off. His favorite pastimes include falling from very tall things, screaming "MEGGIDO!" while hitting people with the sun, and having indecipherable motives. Some dude stole his green cape from the first game, so now he wears a blue one.
  • Jenna - The sister of Felix and the probable girlfriend of Isaac. If not, she harbors romantic feelings for him, what a swinger! Bound to the element of red, which now also accompanies lasers for some reason. Unlike Garet, however, she lacks melee prowess, being restricted to the same weapons as a White Seer. Favorite pastimes include yelling at Alex, being attacked by ruffians, and calling Kraden childish.
  • Sheba - For the record, Sheba is not an alien. She's from South America (yes, she is a Native American, not a fat person with too many kids) but was found in Kuwait after falling from the sky for some reason. Her favorite pastimes include following Felix, taunting Jenna, and getting in dying competitions with Ivan. For the record, she uses the white element (having lived near Jupiter Generator in her childhood) and is proud of it. Oh, and she's short.
  • Jean-Luc Picard Piers - A blue-haired sailor from the lost city of Atlantis. Since the ancestors of his people, the Atlantians, were the designers of the Mercury Generator, he has the ability to use blue Psynergy. He gets imprisoned by Australians when he is thought to be a Vietnamese pirate, and his primary goal is to recover the hydrogen fuel cell that powers his boat. Yes, this guy has a boat. Favorite pastimes include piracy, scaring people with ice, and being idolized by fangirls.
  • Kraden - The fat, balding Greek is black, and this time, he's in it for the food. Throughout the game, he uses Windex to heal your party and uses his Heart element to combine the elements of the other players. Can still only kill fanboys, but again, it's a worthy trade-off. His favorite pastimes include leaping before he looks, commenting on people's hairstyles, and advancing the plot.

edit Villains

  • Isaac and his team - Since Felix and his troupe intend to activate the generators, these guys, who are on a mission from the Wise One to stop them from being activated, are now your enemies. However, they change their minds and join Felix's party close to the end of the game. What, you thought that abnormally long password was for nothing?
  • Alex - This guy's back, and although you share a common goal, he's nowhere near nice about it. He ditches you early on to find a boat, and almost nicks Piers' vessel. His true motives remain unclear, but if you cycle through the spoilers template enough, you'll probably find it.
  • Ann Coulter Karst - Instead of Menardi and Saturos, in this game, you get these people. Karst is Menardi's sister and even more of a psycho hose-beast than her. She lacks the nuclear physicist knowledge of her sister, but makes up for it with a vengeful goal to kill Isaac for when he made fun of Menardi's haircut. Also, being a denizen of the Swedish village of Prox, she can use Fire Psynergy.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Agatio - The muscleheaded escort of Karst, and not one to be trifled with. If you take Garet from the first game, make him even beefier and more fire-powered, and give him the mission of restarting the generators (not to mention green skin) then you'd have the right idea. His stubbornness also contributes to his typical beefcake image. Oddly enough, he has no friends.
  • Fanboys - Yes, everyone still wants to kill them. Yes, they have as much power as one finger while claiming the power of thousands of fingers. Do I really have to repeat what was said in the other article? Oh wait... now they live inside the sealed off Anemos Uranium Mine, which can only be unsealed by not collecting any of the Djinn. The most powerful fanboy in the game is known as Dullafanboy.
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