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و و و teh Oman
Oman flag Damon Albarn
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "If Something Frightening Happens To You Today, Think About It. It May Be Oprah."
President Damon Albarn
Official language Backwards
Currency Carbon
Religion Judaism
Capital Al-Barn

The Satanate of Oman (Hebrew: ووو) is a Jewish kingdom located way south of Australia, not far from Earth's inner core. It borders Hell in the northwest and Saudi Arabia in the northeast.


Oman was founded by its leader Damon Albarn on Friday, June 6, 666, when he was at the age of 6 and a half, after scoring a touchdown. Albarn remained Oman's leader until this day, overcoming the many problems that the country suffered, especially by the hand of its greatest enemy, Damon's stepbrother Graham Coxon. Coxon was finally killed by Damon himself, as Damon used his Kabbalah forces to make Coxon strungle himself with his guitar strings while drinking milk from a suspicious little carton.

Damon is currently in a very good relationship with American president George W. Bush, whome he fondly called "My dad" several times. Bush visited Oman's capital city, Al-Barn, many times, where he was Damon's guest as they plotted their zionist plans.

Space program

Main article: Oman's space program

The Omanian space program was founded in 2006 with president Bush's help. It's goal mostly consists of the destruction of the world, while leaving only Israel and Oman to explore how people would manage to build a new civilazation on a deserted new star. Four spaceflights took place until now, the last one entitled "Demon Days" (Omanian for "End of Days"). Those flights tested the initial plan to turn all non-Jewish people into gorillaz. The "Laika Come Home" spaceflight was also a big success.

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