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“He is the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Charles "KaRoLuS" Tindall

edit KaRoLuS and Uncyclopedia

This is an abbreviated form of "Karolus", Latin for Charles, which Charlemagne (Charles the Great) used as the monogram to authorise documents. Basically, I pinched it, and now it's mine.

I used to use Wikipedia all the time. When I came across the BJAODN I was obsessed with the hysterical hilarity of it. However, in time, I came to realise that BJAODN had lost its edge: no longer was it a collection of side-splittingly and unbearably funny comments, but it had become a hive of lame vandalism that was only created in the hope that it would find its way there - and of course, at least one idiot would find it funny.

Uncyclopedia lacks the monotony and unfunniness of latter-day BJAODN, and is consistently fresh. Why do I like Uncyclopedia? Like Wikipedia, it is a community. But not one consisting of a multitude of intellectual snobs. Uncyclopedia is synonomous with fun. And the inside jokes!!

edit My Favourite Articles

What is Sophia? A person, or a concept? Sophia is... HOT, BABY!!

I consider these to be the funniest pages on Uncyclopedia. Of course, I could be wrong. They're my personal favourites, at least.

edit Quotes

“No clause for undue alarm...”
~ Charles "KaRoLuS" Tindall
“Surely you jest.”
~ KaRoLuS on something incredible
“Well! Pardon my French, but allez à l'enfer.”
~ KaRoLuS
“You never learn that you're not supposed to do something until after you actually do it.”
~ KaRoLuS on screw-ups at work
“Tomorrow, we dine.”
~ KaRoLuS

edit Selected Images

  • Whoop ass
    55 Gallon Drum of Whoop-Ass
  • Acid balloon
    Acid Balloon
  • Bomb knifes
    Bomb Filled with Knives
  • Cat toast
    Cat-Toast Device
  • Doublechair
    Double-Sided Folding Chair
  • Eminem
    Eminem: Human Rights Spokesperson
  • Franzpwned
    Franz PWNED
  • IPope
  • Get psychotropical
    Kitten Huffing
  • MicedVolvo
    Miced Volvo
  • Word
    Microsoft Word. (Black Version)
  • Nunchuckswithnuns
  • PorcupineGrenade
    Porcupine Grenade
  • Quotable smackdown
    The Most Quotable SmackDown! of All Time
  • Serratedbullet
    Serrated Bullet
  • Scissorwars
    Scissor Wars
  • Shark With Laser
    Shark with a Frickin' Laser Beam Attached to its Head
  • Sniperkitty
    JFK's Real Assassin
  • Squirrel exploder
    Squirrel Exploder
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