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Mickey Mouse, Jr. (May 22, 1928October 13, 2006) was the son of the famous Mickey Mouse the Great. He rose to prominence in his own right in 1970, when he participated in the Fantasyland Spring demonstrations against the Disneyland Confederation’s military regime. After the restoration of civilian rule, Mouse, Jr. became the Disneyland Minister of Foreign Affairs.

edit Fantasyland Spring Demonstrations

On May 24, 1970 Mouse, Jr. joined the ranks of the protesters at Fantasyland. His presense at the demonstration helped to galvanize the democracy movement, helping bring an end to military rule. Following negotiations between Admiral Donald Duck and student leaders military rule in Disneyland had come to an end, and Mouse, Jr. then became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Disneyland.

edit Role as Minister

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mouse, Jr. was instrumental in transforming Disneyland’s international image. One of Mouse, Jr.’s first acts was to withdraw Disneyland from CAFTA, ending a ten-year alliance with Communist Cuba and homophobe Anita Bryant. But it was Mouse, Jr.’s advocacy of the Treaty of Orlando, which established an alliance with the Magic Kingdom (located in Florida), that became perhaps the most important legacy of Mouse, Jr.’s tenure. The alliance with the Magic Kingdom came to be eponymously known as the Mickey Mouse League (it is also sometimes informally referred to as the “Mickey Mouse Club”). The Mickey Mouse League today maintains a common currency, a joint military command structure, and a global entertainment monopoly.

edit Personal Life

Mouse, Jr. resembled very much like his late father. His mother was once rumored to be Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom (who is currently married to Mario). However, this rumor was dismissed when genetic testing revealed Mouse, Jr. to be the son of Madame Mouse. Prior to his death, Mouse, Jr. stayed mostly out of the public spotlight, preferring to spend time at his Fantasyland estate. However, he still made occasional public appearances, especially with his son, Mickey Mouse III, who currently serves on the Great Council.

edit Death

On Friday October 13, 2006 Mouse, Jr. had a paralysis attack of his brain, the second one in this year, probably related to his earlier illnesses. Despite immediate medical attention and repeated attempts at resuscitation Mickey Mouse, Jr. passed away 2 hours after the incident, the cause of death being the unability to understand the functionning of his "cartoonish" brain by any of the medicians. He was 78 years old.

edit Legacy

Mouse, Jr. had a profound impact on the history of Disneyland, and his support of Democratic reform arguably led the nation from the 1970 Fantasyland protests through to the present day. While Mouse, Jr. personally requested that he not be commemorated through the construction of monuments and by other similar means, there are currently plans to memorialise him by the government of Disneyland.

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