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Official logo of the MLB.

MLB, or Major League Bloodbath, is the premier professional bloodbath sports league. With teams in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia, bloodbath has achieved more international recognition than football. The World Series of Bloodbath, the MLB’s annual championship, is one of the highest rated events worldwide.

“Honestly, Ive never been sure who to root for!”
~ Wedge Antilles on Major League Bloodbath
“Watching this just chaps my ass”
~ Oscar Wilde on Major League Bloodbath

edit MLB Teams

The MLB is divided into two leagues, the Old World and the New World. Each league contains three divisions. Currently, there are 48 teams in the MLB.

edit Old World League

edit “Grim” North Division

edit “Soft” South Central Division

Flag of Turqey

Banner of the Istanbul Ataturks

edit “Inbred” Eastern Division

edit New World League

edit “Establishment” Northeastern Division

edit “Glamor” Northwestern Division

edit “Muertos” Southern Division

edit History of the League

edit Founding and Expansion

Major League Bloodbath was founded in 1492 with the merger of the Old World League and the New World League. The original teams were:

Fnelson 01

Banner of the Tenochitlan Jaguars.

In 1493, the Cordóba Conquistadores defeated the Arawak Golden Warriors in a memorable genocide during the first World Series.

Through the 1500s, 1600s, and the 1700s, the league expanded rapidly, and famed teams like the Jerusalem Jihad, the Medina Hejira, the Delhi Moguls, the Amsterdam VOCs, the London Imperials, the Philadelphia Generals, the Paris Royale, and the Edo Samurai began play in the MLB.

edit The Modern Era

1864 marks the beginning of the modern league, with the adoption of the Geneva Convention, which simplified many of the rules. The twentieth century saw a marked rise in the popularity of professional bloodbath. Powerhouse teams such as the Washington Generals, the Berlin Blitz, and the Moscow Reds became woven into the popular culture. The MLB World Series during the 1940s were some of the best attended sports events in history.

The twentieth century saw more rapid expansion of the MLB, with the addition of many notable teams, including the Karachi Punjabis, the Seoul Kias, the Pyongyang Craze, the South Africa Aryans, and the Las Vegas Sin.

By the beginning of 1990s, sports networks such as CNN and Fox News infused nearly $600 billion annually into Major League Bloodbath. Small town franchises were replaced with franchises in large cities sponsored by misanthropic organizations.

By late 2005, it seemed that more changes were in store for the MLB. Proposed new franchises included the Chicago Machine, the Bangkok Bangers, and the Riyadh Wahabi Warriors (which would represent the return of professional bloodbath to Saudi Arabia after the move of the Medina Hejira to Tehran). Other proposals for expansion include the return of the MLB to Rome and Pittsburgh. MLB Commissioner Kofi Annan has proposed a major realignment of the league. The 2007 MLB Realignment Plan would be one of the most dramatic changes ever implemented in the MLB, with the abolition of the historic Old World and New World Leagues in favor of new Haves and Have-Nots Leagues. Disagreements over revenue sharing – and how this might defeat the purpose of the new split – have delayed ratification of realignment and the awarding of expansion franchises until at least 2008.

edit Notable Players in the MLB

Note that this list excludes notable players from the pre-MLB era, including Genghis Khan of the Mongol Horde and Julius Caesar of the Rome Imperials.

edit Schedule of Games for the 2007–2008 Season

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