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Vo 01

Verónica Orozco, a typical Colombian Woman, relaxing at home.

Colombian Women (a.k.a. Colombianas) are female humans from the country of Colombia. These women are the hottest of all the Latinas.

Colombianas are regarded as the finest housewives in all of the Americas (North America, Central America, & South America); because they will cook for you, they will take care of the children for you, they will clean the house for you, and they will allow you to fuck them at anytime. In other words, Colombianas will do anything you want them to do.

Also, it is worth noting that Colombian Women (a.k.a. Colombianas) are best known for being sluts, whores, and bitches; this is a characteristic of all Colombian Women. And it is said that Colombian Women really, really, really enjoy giving head.

edit Introduction

colombia es una berraquera de pais

Colombia is a perfect place if you are looking for some stretched out pussy hole. yes they have strestched out pussy hole because so many men and animals have sex with their slutty pussy holes

edit Recommended URLs to see Colombian Women

edit Colombia's very own Playboy Bunnie

CamilaPuerta 01


edit Pics of Colombian Women

NOTE: It is recommended that you click on the below pics in order to better appreciate these Colombian sluts/whores/bitches.

edit How to get/have/obtain a Colombian Woman

To have your very own Colombian Woman, simply fly to Colombia and introduce yourself as a foreigner; that is, tell Colombian Women that you are from outside of Colombia, and you will see what happens! If this first option isn't to your liking, then simply go to the nearest street corner, flash an US One Dollar Bill, and watch as every Colombian Woman fights for you.

Add the fact that you are a married man, and you will get a Colombian woman even faster, if that's possible?!

edit How to fuck a Colombian Woman

You fuck a Colombian Woman just like you would fuck any other human female. Except, you better be ready to fuck her all night! Colombian Women are known for having a lot of stamina in the bed; it is more likely that you, the man, will get tired of fucking than the Colombiana (a.k.a. Colombian Woman). One important thing to remember, when fucking a Colombian Woman, is to fuck her mouth more than you fuck her else where; because Colombian Women LOVE getting throat fucked! This is NOT to say that you "must" fuck her most-of-the-time in the mouth, it is only a precautionary measure because Colombianas are known to lose interest in you if you don't throat fuck them every now and then. Another tip, for when fucking a Colombiana (a.k.a. Colombian Woman), is that when you fuck her doggystyle, be sure to bang her "hard". Colombian Women go crazy when a man knows how to "fuck hard" from behind!

A fair warning, Colombian women are notorious for cauliflower looking warts in their stretched out pussy holes. You are safer fucking a sheep, like the Greeks did.

edit Trivia

  • Colombian Women are the hottest type of Latina.
  • Colombian Women are also known as "colombianas".
  • Colombian Women are world famous for being unfaithful; if you are married to one, then there is a 99.99% possibility that she is cheating on you.
  • The favorite drink of Colombianas (a.k.a. Colombian Women) is "cum".
  • Colombian women are the BIGGEST homewreckers! yes thats right, they will gladly destroy marriages. They take great pride at that.
  • they love to sex dirty old fat bald men. The older and wrinklier the nut sack, the hornier they get. mostly because they are dirty sluts
  • All they are good for is having sex. They can't cook ( is it so hard to make rice and beans for your husband? Like reallly?). They can't clean. They can't take care of children. They have nannies take care of everything.
  • AFter going to bathroom to take number 2, they throw toilet paper filled with poop and throw it in the garbage rather than the toilet bowl.
  • very dirty un-hygenic women, look at above statement for proof!

edit Colombianas in funny/weird/sexy positions

Vivianac67701 very true

edit Famous Colombian Women

  • Shakira
  • Mindy Vega (an internet famous Colombian pornstar)

colmbians need some thing to occupie them during trips

  • The way Colombian women become famous is by having crazy amounts of sex with whoever will make them famous, mostly because they have nothing else to offer! So sad...

edit The different breeds of Colombian Women

Remember, these different kinds of Colombian Women all LOVE to suck dick! It is probably their most favorite thing to do in life. Nevertheless, they are slightly different from one another. The following are the different breeds of Colombianas:

edit Caleñas

Caleñas are Colombian Women from Cali, Colombia. These Colombianas are by far the sluttiest of all Colombianas. Caleñas will not feel that they have been fucked unless they get triple-fucked (all at once); that is, one guy's penis in her mouth, one guy's penis in her ass, and one guy's penis in her pussy (all at a single moment in time). Caleñas are known for having the best asses in Colombia (and in the whole world)! The ASS of Caleñas is one of the seven wonders of the world!

Just so that you can imagine what a really top-line Caleña looks like, below is pictured the ugliest Caleña:


edit Costeñas

Costeñas are Colombian Women from the coast of Colombia. These Colombianas LOVE to get banged doggy-style. They consider themselves to be fully dressed if they are in a bikini. Costeñas are the "true" whores of Colombia.

edit Antioqueñas

Antioqueñas are Colombian Women from Medellín. They are known for having huge tits! In the bed, these Colombianas prefer the missionary position; but they are always open to new positions. Antioqueñas, like all Colombian Women, really enjoy sucking dick. When sucking cock, Antioqueñas are very creative; they enjoy sucking dicks covered in all types of salsas. Antioqueñas love the taste of "cum" and salsa.

The Antioqueña is the "southern belle" of Colombia. Below is pictured the common Antioqueña:

Dominic Torrente6

Antioqueñas are the "true" bitches of Colombia!!!

edit Other types of Colombianas

"Other types of Colombianas" are Colombian Women who are not Caleñas, not Costeñas, and not Antioqueñas.

edit Videos of "ASSES" of Colombian Women

edit An UGLY Colombian Woman

Vanessa Gutierrez 1

edit A detailed description of how Colombian Women suck cock

The following are the words of a Colombian Whore on how she sucks dick:

"... Let's say you're on a couch. I slip down on the floor between your legs and open your fly. I reach in and touch your prick. I then grab hold of your cock and lean up to your face and kiss you. I now pull your cock out and pull your balls out. I now hold your balls in my left hand and your cock in my right. I squeeze it gently down toward the bottom of the shaft and get ready to suck. I run my tongue over my lips to get them good and wet and look into your face. Now I open my mouth just slightly to tease and excite you and come very close to your cock. I breathe on you, blow on you with my hot breath. I stick my tongue out again and reach for you, teaseing you. I begin at the bottom of your shaft and lick upwards, slowly. I turn my head sideways and pretend to take a bite of you, gently setting my teeth into your flesh. I wet you again with my tongue and use my hand to spread the liquid around. My left hand in the meantime is massaging your balls, perhaps scratching them lightly with my fingernails. I also reach behind and underneath your balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before the anus, or I even run my fingers over your asshole very lightly. After I've licked your shaft lots of times and it's all wet and hard, I begin to suck your dick gently. Now I run my tongue around the rim of your knob, all the way around. I then close in on that cockhead like it was chocolate ice-cream and take the whole knob into my hot mouth. I hold it there. Now I go down quickly and take as much of your cock as you can get into my mouth. I stay there, with your cock down in my mouth, for just a moment. I then slide back up to the tip of your cock and flick my tongue against it. I then slide up and down on your cock as if you're fucking me. Then, I take the knob in my mouth, suck it as if it were a nipple or a straw. Then, I take the whole cock and suck it all the way up like I would a popsicle and then go back and do it again, sucking on the way down as well. Now, I move my right hand all the way to the base of the cock and squeeze it there. I continue to take the prick into my mouth and suck and try out all my various moves until I know you can't stand anymore and your going to blast off. So, at this point I then try to catch some on my tongue if I can. Or I'll swallow it. I take it into my mouth and hold it there and then swallow it."

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