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Gun Using Nutcase

edit Justus

This user is a completely evil computer genius, amazing hax0r (4r3n't w3 411?), and master of Runescape. His main level is a 108! He also loves to play World of Whorecraft for hours at a time, and is currently the only player to have 7 mistresses and 3 trophy wives! Even Canadian Jesus doesn't have that many! Oscar Wilde has a deep dark secret regarding this user. Oscar Wilde is rather computer deficient, and relies on this user for the code he uses. This includes even simple stupid SPAN codes. J33z3!

edit Nofu

This user is a member of the fledgling Nofu Aristocracy, and currently hold the title of "Viscount de Nofu". This user also has at least 100,000 Nofu Dollars in his Uncyclopedia bank account at all times. Respect him!

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