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You are Not Worthy to view this article. Your Mortal Eyes Will Omit Some Parts of it that are only intended for God Himself.


It is said that Just_me82 is so beautiful, that looking upon her face will cause one to become suicidal, based on the inability to ever be so attractive in comparison. When people say "looks can kill" they are talking about Just_me82.

“Just_me82 is the real Slim Shady.”
~ Marshal Mathers on Just_me82

“Just_me82 applied for the position of God, but was rejected because of over-qualification.”
~ Charlie Rose on Just_me82
Botticelli pallas and the centaur 600

An artist's rendering of Just_me82 in her human form. It is widely known that Just_me82 was the muse for many great artists over the centuries, due to her stunning beauty while in the human form. Or because of fear, no one dares debate the topic.

Most widely known for inventing the courtesy flush, Just_me82 is also well known for her double jointed thumbs, and the sexual implications such a flexible digit has.

Just_me82 also played an integral part in the Rate Me uprising of Jan. '08 on, along side ant_101 (also known as The Bearded Lady, the inventor of sarcasm, an irascible geezer, and just plain frightening to children), and Lahor (not to be confused with La Whore, or La Putain. Should you mistake her name, Lahor will eat your soul, and vomit it back up as a black, stinking pestilence. She will then slap your mother.) As part of their defense strategy during the uprising, these three geezers invented acne, as a bio-attack against the ignorant Rate Me teens. Others who were stationed at the Geezer post during the uprising are Rascal_King, Entropian_v2, Whateverfloats and Mandasaurus_Rex. Although we all know who the true leader there was.

Along with NoslenEssej and Peldyn she also launched the infamous attack against the short bus rider, hereafter to be known only as "The Window Licker". Disoriented and confused, the window licker made a hasty retreat, never to be heard from again. Such is the power of Just_me82.

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edit A Short Bio


Cerberus greets visitors at the entrance to Just_me82's home.


There were eye witness accounts that placed Hermes at the scene of Argus' murder. These accounts fueled rumors of a secret homoerotic relationship between the two.

Just_me82 is one of the lesser known results of Echidna and Typhoeus' breeding habits. There is a popular misconception that Zeus killed Typhoeus, but really it was Just_me82, as she was suffering from a reverse Oedipus complex of sorts. She keeps her brother Cerberus as a pet, so he can guard the entryway to her home, which is currently located in Los Angeles. She was formerly dating the famous vigilante Argus Panoptes. They met at a karaoke bar in Japan (at a Whateverfloats performance), where Just_me82 actually fell for the line "I only have eyes for you.". After a year of dating, Argus confessed that he killed Just_me82's mother, and that he had also been sleeping with her roommate, Persephone. The couple immediately called it quits. Shortly after the split, Argus was killed by Hermes, and Just_me82 felt satisfied that her mother had been avenged. There was an investigation into whether or not Just_me82 had hired Hermes to put a hit on Argus, which created a media firestorm. There was never enough evidence found to prosecute. Since then she has not been in the public eye much, although she does make appearances in random web forums to argue quite frequently.

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edit Other Fun Facts About Just_me82


An illustration of Just_me82's servants, cooking her nightly meal.


An illustration of Just_me82 on the eve of a full moon.

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all pay Just_me82 protection money.
  • Virgo (Virgin): has an unbridled passion for Danish film stars who kill Orcs in their spare time. Likes: the Lord of the Rings. Dislikes: Swedish people.
  • Just_me82 is one of the co-founders of the Factio Lupinus party.
  • Just_me82 invented the spork.
  • Something you didn't know: Just_me82 has had sex with over sixty-one trillion different sentient beings, excluding zombies and Egyptians. It should also be mentioned that she doesn't consider it sex if the other creature involved survives.
  • Just_me82 doesn't require oxygen, just the souls of others.
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