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edit Epilogue

After waiting for far TOO long at Awesometon, Joe McBobski traveled north to where John McHathawayson was "supposed" to be SEARCHING for the keys, but instead found HIM Dicking around on some gaming web site. Anyway, Joe continued on IN disgust to Facebook, where he met a person named Snizzle McTall who HAD the keys. Joe travelled back TO Awesome where he then journeyed into the Unexplored Areas of Awesome, stole the truck from it's OWNER, and used it to push the darkness of BP oil back to the real world, where OTHER people could worry about it. Then they all lived happily ever af

edit About this Article

When I created this article, I made it as User Friendly AS possible. I put the epilogue at the beginning SO people didn't have to read all the way to the end to get to it, so they didn't get Boredomitis and Give up ON reading this Article. I also tried to fill it with as many links as possible, thus ensuring thAT the reader had easy rEfeRence to all the Big Words' Definitions in CASE they forgot what they meant. The fact that most of THE links lead nowhere is also a Reader Friendly feature, put into The article So that readers may Make up their own Definitions. I also put the Conclusion immediately after the beginning, sO that you don't have to read through alL the Boring Middle Stuff. The reason it's not before the beginning IS because you'd get confused otherwisE. In case you actually "do" want to read the boring middle stuff, i conveNiently located it AT the end of the article. You're welcome. Oh wait... I forgot TO mention WHY certain parts of the ARTICLE are in CAPS LOCK. Well, that's yet another USER FRIENDLY FEATURE that helps you find the important bits of the article.

ter. THE END

edit Beginning of Quest

Once upon a time, there was A man named John McHathawayson who was AN archeologist investigating the Featureless Desert when he accidently discovered a tomb containing aN ancient evil known as BP oil that flooded the gulf with darkness. Fortunately, AN ancient deity known as Joe McBobski was awakened as well, and informed John that the only way tO defeat BP oil is by using the Magic Flying Ice Cream Truck, but THE keys were last spotted in the Sea of Memes, so Joe and John teamed up to find it. Their quest acroSS the sea was a long and dangerous journey, as the water wAs frothing with Forum Trolls, and they had to fight of a great many to arrive at the Viral Straits, where they got directions from a Crazy Old Man who tried to sell them Potatoes. upon arrival, however, they split up to better seaRCH for the key. John McHathawayson traveled north, and gOt led further north by evidence of the key. Joe McBobki traveled south, searching for tHE key there. He eventually found his way to the Wikipedia Project, where HE continued his search for the key tO the Magic Flying Ice Cream Truck and is still searching to this day. If you have any info on the Magic Flying Ice Cream Truck or it's keys, please contact

edit Conclusion

Joe McBobski couldn't find the keys to the Magic Flying Ice Cream Truck anywhere on Uncyclopedia, the place he had currently been searching. Instead, he could only find quotes BY some Oscar Wilde guy that he probably never said in the first place. Eventually, he found oUT lessons on how to drive it. Dismayed and enlightENED, he returned to Awesometon, their base oF operations (in the land of Awesome).

edit The Boring Middle Part

After searching the Wikipedia project, Joe arrived in Uncyclopedia. 'In a place this ridiCulous, I'll have to find info on the Magic Flying Ice Cream Truck!' he reasoned. After only finding stupid Oscar Wilde quotes, he became dismayed. There was nothing on Uncyclopedia, and they had insulted his favorite Webcomic, xKcd. He then swore vengeance on all Uncyclopedians until they started being funnY again. After searching elsewhere, such as The Real World, a place that defies all lOgic and order, he met a person named Something Ribinski who taught him how to drive the Magic Flying Ice Cream TrUck, but didn't remember where HE left the keys. Something ABOUT Facebook, MAYBE? Anyway, Joe returned TO Awesometon TO await John's RETURN with THE key.


To read the full quest, click here. I'll update IT whenever the hell i FEEL like it.

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