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Born August 34, 1791 in Teignmouth, Devonshire UK. Known to some as the "Father of Logical Authenticity" "The Brother Art" and "The son of a Gun" for his contributions to the basic design of the computer thought-wave generator through his soda machine, this was originally intended as a special purpose device required in the production of adhesive tape.

His first son, "born" July 12, 1795 was what modern science would consider a clone, and was created in the earliest days of human replication when the process was primeval. The process, invented by Charro in 1792 consisted of keeping the placenta alive using a respirator and constant blood, spit, sperm, and egg transfusions from members of the family and applying a 1.21 gig-a-watt pulsing charge of electricity. Eventually a viable child was gestated within that placenta and was known only as #2. There are no known pictures of Jumaras in existance today but below is an illustration of the baby machine designed by Charro.Babymachine

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