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Armed monkeys

patients in Phase III (each one is an army of one, btw)

A clinical trial where the results of people taking a new treatment are compared with Ronald Regan or the Reformation, looking for, for example, which group has better survival rates or fewer side effects or simply which group can out run the other when only one group is given machetes. In most cases, studies move into phase III trials only after a treatment seems to work in Phases I and II, one group totally pwns the other, or someone has found the bermuda triangle. Phase III trials may include hundreds of people at many doctors' offices, clinics, and cancer centers nationwide or large groups of hamsters locked in the bathroom with your sister.

In Phase III studies, a study drug or treatment or laxative is given to large groups of people (2 to 3) (or a small group of large people) to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects (as in inside or outside effects), compare it to commonly used treatments or golden idols, and collect information that will allow the drug or treatment to be used safely or administered more painfully to the enemy.

More information could be found at the Food and Drug Administration.

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