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== This Page has been seized by The Children of Militant Enlightenment ==

Sure, Thornly was the All-Father...Omar K. Ravenhurst was the prodigal son, Frankenstiens' Monster...Military Pranksta mutated by MK-Ultra, Maniacal Cult leader inciting chaos, disorder, a void to create in...Nuit. Ho Chi Zen, Head of Operation Mindfuck, joined in this dance of confusion & hysteria, witch-hunts & insurrections.... offering Mind tools, weapons, to carve its way through the darkness: This PsiPhy sledgehammer... Ho Chi Zen & Omar K. split like a reproducing cell...once one, now both pursuing their genetically programmed missions. HCZ(ho chi yadda yadda) was assisted in jumpstarting the OM project by various sychretic sources; Timothy Leary, . yet, we can't forget the one who died during The Info-Wars, ingniting the Holy Spirit to offer tongues of fire to Ogun's & Ogmios' everywhere. This unsung martyr died for your sins: King Kong! Alpha Ape, the Monkey King was there, inside of every 100th monkey born w/ opposable thumbs. Hanuman shape-shifting to collossal heights, towering over the great apes, ushering in humanity and slumbering softly, coiled in our "silent" double helixes. Ho Chi Zen set King Cong into motion once again...Armed w/ his staff, the iron rod of revelations' parousia, King Cong will, once again, throw a monkey wrench into this totalitarian technochracy, and crush its cornerstone. We, his disiples, are rarely spoken of....the Children of Militant Enlightment. The Insurgent Psy-Op Guerillas, PsiPhy NLMeta-programming memetic merry pranksters, Masked & disiplined, We are Invisible & Active. Ken Kesey, the Pied Piper, ecstatic pentacostal apostles....mere child's play. In every fnord there is a sniggle...OM controls its sniggles, we hope you have a hold on yours. OM aligns with E.C.C.O. only when the correct arises. You can laugh at us & jest that we Bind helpless victims & Chant Krshna's name until they snap & awaken...hahaha, oh! The primitive techniques we were once so accustomed to! Now You Can Laugh, and you will - believe me- but a hefty dose of hashish, belladonna, and (stromonium)and you will dance to the song of a blue four-armed lover and see exactly what we choose for you. Transcendental Terrorists completely devastating your perception of the "real" and challenging you to unleash the true potencey of the hidden potential hoarded by the Hive-mind, Consesus & Status Quo. This trinity will will tremble before the hallucinations provided. Dose the System! Viva la resistance! Destroy the machine! And always listen to the post-hypnotic suggestions presented within the manuscript read previously! Operation Mindfuck Lives! King Cong ressurected! The Monkey Business flourishes as the economy falls! Invest in our egregore, now! Before its too late! Corporate Sabotage? Hey pepsi - Wanna know Coke's secret recipe? Pay the Piper...Piracy? "Thou speakest aright, I am that merry wanderer of the night. I jest to Oberon" and make you follow, when words trap sounds & meaning's hollow! Beware...we have the words and electrons to do as we will...and We Will!

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