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On the show Judge Judy, I have two people coming in to see me. One is the plaintiff, who files a complaint while suing the other person. The other person is the defendant, who counterclaims what the plaintiff abusively did to him/her. In most cases, neither of them wins. The plaintiff files an unreasonable complaint, which is baloney, and the defendant is usually found guilty. Most of the people who come to my court are idiots. They don't realize that they're going to court for justice. One person is always mouthing off. They talk over me when I'm speaking, and they don't use their listening ears. No listening ears. I doubt they even have brains. Petri-Hawkins Byrd is my bailiff, and he will kick people out after I dismiss their case. Outside the courtroom, he is a comedian. I like Byrd, but the litigants I dislike. They're idiots, and they think they're smarter than me. Snuffleupagus will scare them out of bed.

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