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“Dude, I Like....Created that guy”
~ God on Jox
“Yeah me and him had a Crazy night, and man, those swedes dont know what hit em”
~ Ozzy Osbourne on Jox
Jester lute

Josh, Jammin Old School

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edit The Man, The Legend

Jox, as he likes to be known was born in the southwest of france and was trained from birth as a shepperd but dreamed of living in Australia, where they had less food taken from disabled amphibians. Apon arriving in Australia he noted the immense lack of giant steel structures and cheese. He found he enjoyed writing humorous observations, although his teachers did not appreaciate "Beating your cock" as the aim of badminton. Frustrated he found his savior "Uncyclopedia".

A Little Trivia

  • Hangs Out Predomidently with User:Coolmcsmooth
  • May or May not enjoy Singing In The Rain
  • Goes by the name of "Josh" out side of the Internet
  • Tetris high score is only: 30,000
  • Fears the second coming of Shakespere, as he wants to be the second coming of Shakespere, BUT better
  • Thinks The Veronicas "arnt that attractive", but they are
  • Likes the Beatles more than you like Pornography
  • Has 5 brain channels, you have 3
  • Fears twins, but has been rehabilitated

edit Stuff He has written/ Had a hand in writing

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