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|}</div> Hi people. File:Sphyrapicus variusPCSL11319B.jpg

edit Awards

50px The Strangest Idiot
For being the stupidest moron for the lamest and strangest userpage.


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about me
glue tape doornob
If i could go somewhere it would be cheese pie seagull
My favorite authors flying purple cows OMG- (ostriches munch grandmas) piece of pi= chicken+ 3.32
stapler yassou!!! Poland is a nation- or is it!?!?! It is a dog- OR IS IT!?!?!?!

      /        \
       \ \____/|
    /            \
| |

  That is not me- OR IS IT?!?!?!
        sadf/     $       6      \sdfgask
   asdfsaf      jdghhjgk      hjdsagf    safd
   as|as       hjdsafvh      sagfdsg    ahsj
   sdfasf       wellwhod      knowsaid   they
   idunno       chicken&      piesotha   isgo
   zhyeah       nasdgfagh      hsjdgf     ashv

dshjgfsajdhgfhjsagdfkjgsadfjkgsajkhdgfvjksahdgfvjkgsad hasgdfjgsadfvjsahgdfvjkhsagdfkvjghsdfjkgdsfvkhdsgfvkjgdsfkvjgsa

Goverment Weapons Tests

Push the buttons- ya know you wanna....




Wortheless things i've made that has no point and is stupid: Boney Peak

Template:POV-section Template:POV-section

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edit THE FUTURE!!!


2025 AD- Intelligent race of seagulls Arrives on earth from a wormhole

2189 AD- Seagulls take over superpowers, China and the US.

2195 AD- World is conquered by seagulls. Humanity is enslaved.

2504 AD- Seagulls break into civil war

2560 AD- Seagull rule is overthrown by the re-rise of humanity

2561 AD- Seagulls flee earth and establish major Federation on moon

2578- 3001 AD- fierce space battles constantly take place between the Seagull Federation, and the Nations of Humans

3050 AD- Evil Chicken Aliens from outer space attack both humans and seagulls. Seagull Federation, and the Nations of Humans unites and fights off alien chickens

3100 AD- Seagulls and humans join together.

3108 AD- sun blows up and everyone dies. WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit Yagga Foob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh mega ugh

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