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edit I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attenion, could you please give me those deadlines for today again?

Yes Ladies Gentlemen, and presumably not-so-gentle-men, Welcome to the Greatly dissorganised Jordan [Jordan(ish)] L Craig's userpage!!! I am possibly (to put it like Will Smith) ["The dumbest smart person you will meet!"] I'm dissorganised, Dyslexic (is that spelt right?) and suffer from ADD (or ADHD) but I'm still damn smart! I also have a warped sense of humor (SP?) and will (one day) finnaly get my grubby mitt's on "The Legend Of Zelda II; The Adventure's Of Link" Then and only then will every (nintendo endorsed) Zelda Game will have been P'wnd by moi! Kiss that AAA I will hunt you down!!!

Also this user-page is just fragments of wierd things that I like/have found in the regions of the uncyc

Anyways, If you are looking for the meaning of life click hereThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 42. If you are looking for the question, Sorry I'm nearly there, just give me time, faith and (if you want hard evidence) funding! If you want awnseres(SP?) to you're Zelda problems, Go to my talk page. Thank you.

edit Bat fuck insane Don't quite cut it...

Warning: Am In Need Of Re-Hab, NOW PEOPLE!!!

Yes I am quite quite mad, and have many personalitites that I wear like capes! What am I really like? Well that's easy I... &@$%!!! I Don't know!!! Please help, the men in white coats will come and ... Oh, your not going to call them? Wow. You're nuts too! Hell any one who says they aren't nuts is in denial making them even more deadly than someone who admiits it! I'm an exception however! I also do go Ape-Shit Crazy too! Have a nice life. And a nice death too. Mabye a good funeral too. Make someone dress you up as a clown, and push you down a hill and off a cliff in a wheelie bin with an extra set of wheels!!! Or have your corpse put in a cupboard house and in red paint the words, "I'll kill again next to the cupboard and covered in tacky wall paper. Sadly you won't get to see the effects of this one but many laughs (and lawsuits) will be assured!

edit Shoop Da Whoop!

Laser firing imminent!

See told you so.

Imah chargin' mah lazor!

Imah firin mah lazor!



edit The Grues!!! They come!!!

“Oh Shit!!!”
~ Random guy on Grues

If you see a grue do not approach. It will eat you. Or just kill you.

Grue crossing

See this sign confirms it. You will die!!!

This page has become a grue hunting ground. That's right:They're here for you!!! You can do the following to deal with it:



Run (then die anyway) or

Kill your self to save youself from the pwnage.

Nothing else can be done. Soz.

edit Did I offened you in anyway?

If yes: sorry! Not really though: PSYCE
If no : you've earned my respect (though you do that any ways if you admit to your maddness.)
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