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KULBACKISM - “Kol-Boc-ee-ism” (from the mind of creators Jonathon and Kelly Kulbacki) A religion not yet recognized by our government. Kulbackism is the belief of a higher energy, the belief of the energy in one’s self and everything in our known universe and beyond. Kulbackism is not so sophisticated it is the recycling of “all” energy from all things, not only life, but any and everything that omits and uses energy. After a life ends, the laws of physics state that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, so where does it go once life is gone? Life itself is energy, just as a battery a power line, a light bulb,…etc. once any energy producing or consuming body is no longer, what we consider to be living, our energy is recycled, another life, a new power generator, fossil fuel, a tree, a bug, a bird, it could be recycled into anything. Anything not just meaning on our earth, our solar system, our universe, or our realm, our energy goes places that have not even yet been discovered. Kulbackism is a serious religion that allows anyone to join for a one-time $150 donation payable via PayPal, and monthly contributions like any religion, you used your energy to earn your money, after exerting your energy you get paper on payday, an unfair exchange of energy? To some yes to some no! Many religions have many beliefs, ideas, and theories. Kulbackism has more of a scientific approach to the theory of religion; it combines physics, sciences and mathematics. Kulbackism opens up one’s eyes to universes, galaxies, realms, parallel, and unparralled universes that may or may not exist. The idea of energy has been around since mankind, but the realization of humans being just energy is main stream socially unacceptable. People have a hard time understanding that we are not the greatest and mightiest thing there is. In the end we are no different than any living creature, or energy device, when our known life is gone, it is gone! There is no haven nor is a hell there only the recycling of energy, I am not talking about reincarnation as some believe, that theory could not possible hold true is it did we would not now have so many people or creatures on our earth to day, since the “creation” of man, supposedly 2, it would be impossible to reach over 6 billion form only 2, the inter breeding would have whipped out mankind with so many genetic defects and mutations, therefore creation could not exist in the form that it is usually presented, nor could reincarnation explain an ever increasing population on our “Earth”. This is why we have to expand our minds to just energy, but to parallel universes and other realms. If you could sit back and imagine the possibilities with an open mind and for a moment, stop being a closed minded human, stop thinking your beliefs are the only correct ones; you will only than start to see what is around you and where it could of came from. Think of your deceased relatives, where are they? You cannot see them feel them, nor be with them; what you can do for some strange reason is remember them, so are they still here? There memories are so energy must be present although there physical bodies are no longer with us, their energies will always be with us, until we cease to exist, where will we go? The dinosaurs where around much longer than mankind, but we have never once saw a living dinosaur, but we have reconstructed them with their bones, we have ever given them skin, scales, feathers, and colors, we just guessed and is it right? We do not know for sure, but if it is, it shows proof of their energy in our memories that we do not even have!

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