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“In Soviet Russia, Jone Xiao is wrathed upon by YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Jone Xiao
“Don't make me kick-ban you”
~ Anidnmeno on Jone Xiao

Welcome to my page. It's blank, to match your mind.

edit My long but summed up history

It seems there was a glitch in space and time, when all stood still and everything that is logical spasmed for a single moment...and in that moment all the randomness in the universe spawned Spontaneous Man. This being, innocent of the online ways, proceeded to move from place to place, using his pointless powers of random to annoy and destroy. That's when he came here.

Reverting mostly to a cat form he called "Sponty", this being tried to make his mark in the Uncyclopedian world. Credited with famous edits and works such as Peanut Butter Jelly Time,Harry Pothead, and last but not least Milk in a Can. And yet for his efforts, his gift of spontaneous speech was a curse. Immediatley he struck enemies with none other that baloon/ass head MoneySign (audience: BOO!). He also made a few friends, such as anidnmeno, xerodagujin, and sakuradancer3. His aquaintences were keitei, Bradaphraser, Tompkins (audience: HOORAH!), Olipro, VodkaTabako, Villahj_Ideeut, and quite a few others.

Relentlessly he struck out to gain attention by blabbing around on the IRC. All this accomplished was numerous kick-bans and a bad positions with the admins. Within months his powers of random were weakened, and he began to start making sense. Fearing he would diminish to nothing, he gave up his Spontaneous powers and became me, Jone Xiao.

And I was still a annoying little jackass, which took much longer to fix.

edit What I'm like

A can of whoopass with a gust of wind and the patience of Chuck Norris. Kind of like a tuna fish sandwich.

edit Fucked-up, Asinine Questions (FAQ)

Q: Testicles?

A: Yes.

Q: I am a rapist.

A: Tell me more?

Q: Mr. Spontaneous, will I ever grow up to be you?

A: Well, sure, Tommy, if the cancer/ AIDS combo virus you're manifesting doesn't kill you first.

edit IRC Conversations

User:Jone Xiao/ IRC First Appearance

edit Contributions

Harry Pothead

Milk in a Can

Ronald McReagan

edit My Pics

Pervert. Go whack off elsewhere.

edit Awards

Gujinsmall Xero Dagujin has awarded you an honorary gujinjastar, enjoy your newfound powers.

Play nice kids, it's pointy. - Xero Dagujin

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