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Jonas Tiberius Planck was the first Sprite ever to be granted citizenship under the Croft Act. a pioneer of Sprite Suffrage, he paved the way for the Cyber-American civil rights movement, and crusaded for safety standards on the Game Grid. His talk show, Walking the Planck, ran for five seasons, before his tragic accidental deletion at the hands of a stereo headset.


Jonas in the throes of greed

edit The Legend of Jonas Planck

A long long time from now in this very galaxy, a man named Jonas Planck downloaded his brain into an advanced computer bank and transmitted it backwards in time to our present day. Due to an error in the compression rates, however, the disembodied mind became fragmented and spastic. The Planck entity wandered about the internet attempting to convince people it was a real person, and they all beleived him. Suckers.


J.P. is a Leading Expert in Zoning and claims to have explored Outside The Box. Often, he pretends to be a Limey Jack Tar, and sometimes adds extra "U"s to words such as Humour and Bouwels.

edit Known offenses against Uncyclopedia

Sprites, Azathoth, Defence, Crimean War under the command of a Paid Witness., Flynn, MCP,Eli Roth, Sean Hannity, Yosemite Sam, Gorf, also known as froG, And he appears to have developed the irritating habit of hitting the Random page button and then altering whatever page randomly appears, making his actions virtually unpredictable, and alerting the higher-ups to his presence. He also helped to defeat Omega Jesus. We can only pray to the other Jesii that the Omega Jesus link will remain red forever more.

edit Crappy Repair jobs

Che Guevara, Ghostbusters, Ellen Ripley, Omega Jesus

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