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“Very doubtful.”
~ Magic 8-Ball on Zero
Zero is the product of some really good natural hallucinogens that Native Mesoamericans were/are/will be at the drop of a hat again doing prior to insanely fun human sacrifice parties! It is common knowledge that Mesoamericans go completely apeshit during a human sacrifice party as recent studys have demonstrated an alarmingly high increase in testosterone for all members involved killing the sacrifices. The study is still determining all effects on the participants involved.

This creepy thing looking at you is actually a phrase meaning "Zero Tolerance"


The invention of calculus was originally a joke played on an early Mayan priest during an intense study of human sacrifice with cups of blood and gore for everyone! The way the priest took it was the part that made everyone laugh because he was quoted as saying "Lick my nuts!" with the sculpting in the sacrificial square of a 5 figure tall totem pole with a snakeman representation on the top with an extremely large tongue sticking out. The monkey on the bottom had his nuts painted red for some reason.

Modern Use

Without current knowledge of zero, many modern achievements would have been hard to blame on convenient scapegoats.
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