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Course and Book Description

The American Journey:Past, Present, and Perhaps Future is a tome written by a disgruntled Uncyclopedia n00b a professor at a college (it doesn't matter which one, nimrod) majoring in history and minoring in government. This book will provide the student a thoughtful, concise guide so they will have a better knowledge of American history, the American government, and will be able to use this knowledge as they become our future. It is written at a high school level so that it is easily accessible to students. It covers our history from the initial discovery through the American Revolution all the way to the Civil War and Reconstruction even through the Great Depression to the attacks on American soil on that date. It will provide relevant information to the reader so they will get to flipping burgers be successful individuals.

Your course should cover the basics of this textbook and additional supplements such as drug dealing geography if necessary. An example syllabus is provided in the back of the book for those interested.

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