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edit Uncyclopedia Pages Authored

TibetConnie FrancisRaymond ChandlerTerrorAbbaDr. Eric Vornoff • The BillyMobilePuny WarsJimmy DuranteLydia LunchRene Magritte (full rewrite) • XTCPlan 9 from Outer Space

edit Uncyclopedia Colonizations Colonoscopied

Fatty ArbuckleRubber cementDry cleaning

edit Uncyclopedia Pages Jacked With

James JoyceGenghis KhanVolvoBAAAEdgar Allan PoeSoy Sauce

edit Uncyclopedia Pages Given Grammar-Nazi Treatment

Bears vs. Unicorns ConflictAttack of the 500 foot JesusMap

edit Images Cruelly Manipulated

edit Images Lovingly Caressed and Made Sweet Love To

edit Images Of The Mysterious East

edit Images My Mom Wouldn't Understand

edit Images Nobody Could Possibly Understand

edit Images Only You Would Understand

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