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edit Varieties

Early in the 1900s, 'Johnathon' was invented for some reason to do something in replacement of someone else doing something, which is an extremely important job. It is believed that Johnathon is used as a name in places such as Atlantis and anywhere that is at least 1.6 kilometers below sea level, though this is commonly thought to be simply a myth. Johnathon as a name is generally thought to be absolutely ludicrous.

edit Famous person

'Johnathon' Nolastname was also the name of a very famous artist, well-known mostly for his painting, the 'Moaner Leaser', which depicted a wailing businessman. He also created cartoons by drawing, one of which was called Recenturama, (not to be confused with the modern comedy animation about the future). Johnathon Nolastname was indeed a great man, and he changed the way we look at depressed business people, especially when they seem to be looking at you from all angles.


Johnathon is in fact a bunch of letters carefully placed together to create what is known as a word, and is pronounced (there's another word!!) like 'Jornortharnn', (that's not a real word!!).

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