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Vocaloid Ange Wayne Shows Social Side With a new album debuting early next year, US vocaloid Ange Wayne is on a mission. She plans to take the vocaloid world by storm as the first to appear from the United States. Showing her social diva side, Ange has kept this goal in mind as she ventured across social media to connect with current and future fans. Ange realizes that the best way to achieve success is to enter the market with fans already behind her. This is what prompted her to create and maintain sites and profiles across the internet on many different social media sites. She is already seeing success as the fans and followers continue to build. With a Twitter account, Facebook page, Linked In Profile, YouTube channel, website and blog; Ange is making the social rounds and keeping her fans updated on the progress of her new venture. Though her album is not set to debut until early 2012, her YouTube channel is already showing sample videos as a prelude of what to expect. Throughout the process she is updating her nearly 500 followers on Twitter where she shares links to her many sites and profiles. However, her largest fan base is on the social media site Facebook. With nearly 900 friends who continue to interact on her page, Ange is able to make the connection much needed for success long before her album hits. Vocaloids have long been popular in other countries with many in the US enjoying the work of vocaloids from overseas. Ange is the first vocaloid to originate in the US and attempt to take on the market. Using her already developed social nature, Ange is making her name known among fans one site at a time. for more information plz visit our website:

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