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What is the number one threat to the survival of the human race? Aids? Earthquakes? World hunger? Actually, those are all pretty good answers, but if you're anything like the average American, you can't concern yourself with such whimsical notions. No. The number one threat is terrorism. But since no one is actually sure exactly what the definition of terrorism is, we can't worry about that. Instead we'll focus on something much more frightning. Zombies!

Okay, so you've never actually seen a zombie in reality. Big deal. That doesn't prove they don't exist. After all, they're all over the movie and video game industries, and some have even been found inhabiting the internet! Still not convinced they're real? Well... just go along with it anyways. Zombies might be real and you should know how to protect yourself from them just in case.

This simple guide will give you all the tools you need to survive a zombie apocolypse. From the initial spread of the virus/infection/mutation, to the moment you discover you're the last survivor on Earth, we have you covered.

edit Preparation is Paramount

A zombie attack is like a house fire. Buying a fire extinguisher after your house has burnt down does no good. You need to make sure you have a plan in the event of a zombie attack. Map out where you are going to hide out, who you are willing to bring along, and what supplies you'll need. You can use this guide as a guidline of sorts to prepare your own plan.

The first step in being prepared for the arrival of the walking dead is to pick a location to hold up. some key things to look for in a shelter are discussed below.

edit Location

Location is the single most important factor when determining where to make your summer home when the apocolypse hits. Is the building in a high traffic area? If so, odds are it's not going to work out. High traffic area means lots of people. Lots of people means lots of food for the zombies.

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