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You carefully type in the phrase "Similarities found in RPG plots," all the while resisting the overwhelming urge to Google hardcore Brazillian Donkey Punching. You hit enter and wait patiently for your 56k phone modem to work it's magic. "Mom and Dad should really invest in Cable internet" you think to yourself. "I mean, what do they do with the $50 a month I give them for rent?!" After minutes of trying to convince yourself that a 38 year old man who works as the assistant manager of the local Burger King and still lives with his parents is perfectly normal, the Google search is complete. You click on the first link titled "Dark secrets of the RPG universe" and hit enter. Back to more soul searching. 20 minutes later, the screen loads.


Just then, the screen starts to flash and you are suddenly unable to move. You feel dizzy and slowly slip off into sleep.

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Ittybitty bullet See! I knew I should have said Fuck it and watched Family Guy! Now I'm going to get raped aren't I??!!

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