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This User is a member of the Hotard Empire. You might want to watch out, as this User might request an Elite Death Hotard be sent to kill you.
Joe Shmoe has been here. But you probably didn't notice, since he is just Joe Shmoe, after all. He is known by many names, namely JoeShmoe64, or, for country folk, Jerry Clower.
Crazyfatkidcum Gayman hates this man article and hopes it never gets any cum on its face. Or man-ass. Yeah, that would suck. Speaking of which, he hopes that this article never gets to give a man a blowjob ever again. That should teach them!

My name is Joe, and I am usually up to getting my articles huffed by admin, and I don't even know why.

If anyone wants to see my articles I have worked on, look here (I feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot by doing this. It's kind've a neon sign for admin). There is also a place to put ninjastars.

My Brainchildren|My Ninjastars|My Failures

edit Future Stuff

Hotards (It's not what you think)

De Pimp Act (Probably an UnScript, but I may make an article first)

edit Under Construction

The Hotard Empire

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