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Let's face it - Internet humor is the lowest denominator of all comedies. I am not entirely interested in this whole wiki community thing and I shall be damned if I happen by any chance on Earth that I am actually fond of a website with such an unsightly backdrop. If you have anything to say, though, feel free to drop me a line on the discussion page. You mess with me and you will find your head three miles away from your body very, very soon...

JoeMonco is in your extended Universe.

edit Why C&C fans are stupid - part 2


As mentioned a few months ago, I do hold a certain extent of prejudice towards all Command and Conquer fans out there. One thing I forgot to say, though, was that most C&C fans were not necessarily old geeks that had somehow stuck in their puberty. That's right - why bother catering to people like myself, who have already got half a foot into the retirement homes, whilst there are countless pubersent teenagers ready to shell out their parents' money for something that has been regurgitated over and over again? In fact, anyone with a keen eye on the lastest installment of the Red Alert series should be able to tell right away that it is not meant for those at age 10 and over, and anyone who has played or even touched the series (including myself) should be all covering their own heads in shame for ever having anything to do with it. To illustrate how awful this particular installment is, just picture EA as some sort of cheese factory...

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