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I am fed up with the rich bastards. I cannot believe that we have gone to another round (which is in the thirtieth year since Ronald Reagan did this) in which the rich had tax cuts for the money they earn from doing absolutely nothing but throwing up a cocktail party and getting drunk sipping champagne and littering their gold plated napkins and $100 bills, while the poor are forced up to pay thousands of simoleons of their hard-earned wages as taxes to these governments! And we have to clean their mess! What should we do? Eat the rich! And no, we are not advocating that we should kill all of the world's rich people, but rather pick those who did the worst impact on the environment and the public in general, raise them, breed them, rear their kids and then slaughter the rich.

edit Rich people are good for you

Like beef, pork, lamb, or any other type of meat, even insects, rich people are known to be good source of iron

Servings per package: 35
Serving size: 60 g
Quantity per Serving Quantity per 100 g
Energy 1642 kJ (560 Cal) 4104 kJ (933 Cal)
Protein n2 g n2 g
Fat, total n3 g n3 g
  - saturated n4 g n4 g
Carbohydrate n5 g n5 g
  - sugars n6 g n6 g
Sodium n7 mg n7 mg

edit Rich people are part of a balanced breakfast

edit They kill the poor for food

They don't like to help the poor. Instead, rich network executives, New Age crackpots, CEOs of the most polluting companies and politicians who also run large businesses saying, "Corporations are people", just care about themselves and their coffers, and will do anything to whitewash their misdeeds. They organise games like golf and yachting, and it will be a matter of time before they start hunting the poor down like deer in the Most Dangerous Game. They'll make us run and we get shot down with their powerful .22 caliber shotguns on their private mansion in sub-Saharan Africa, where they probably keep black children as slaves so that they can cook food twenty-four hours a day, wash the family, wash the family's car, clean up the mess they make, guard their mansion, and guard the family's dog. Otherwise, they get killed and eaten

At the same time, they will just simply starve the poor of just about anything- they will raise taxes for the poor, cripple the public education system, cut funding to hospitals and deny access to anything life-saving. Then once they starve the poor of everything, they will restrict access to food and water while the rich continue to live with all of the money they refuse to give to the government as tax! They also feast on the poor like if the rich are from the deep reaches of South America as seen in Cannibal Holocaust.

edit They're REALLY tasty!

04 parishilton eattherich

Even Paris Hilton advocates eating the rich!

Now, Paris Hilton. It was one night in Paris when she became famous for her sex tape. This Hilton Hotel heiress is famous for having money and nothing else! Back in 2004, she advocated the eating of rich people for food through the "Eat the Rich" campaign that she founded. As a result, rich person slaughter increased hundredfold in places where there isn't food. When there is nothing to eat for the poor, we turn to those who have the most food: the rich. And when they ran out of such foods, we eat the rich! They are high in protein, iron and fat, and are way tastier than ordinary humans. You wouldn't want to eat the average Joe because he would taste disgusting!

Rich people are the Kobe beef of the world: they are well-looked after, well-educated, well-known and they taste delicious. All we need to do is feed them wine, vegetables and music and then we can slaughter them at the slaughterhouses. The servings for rich people are far greater than the poor; the poor man who gets herded by the rich to be shot at has a meager 20 servings, while a rich man like Donald Trump will provide a massive 32 serves for the people! Imagine the profits reaped from the sale of rich people that are selected for breeding, rearing and slaughtering.


Cuts of rich person diagram- oh, I'll take the human shank thanks.

edit Now I'll go out and kill some rich crackhead

Oh wait! The economy tanked! Maybe we shouldn't go out and kill them at all...

edit Those rich bastards wrote this! Oh wait, a poor man wrote this!

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