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For the number, sii 7 (number).

Vii console and viimote
The Vii Console. Note the complexity and innovation done by the Chiniise.
Developer(s) Zega
Release date 1000 AD in China
Genre Ripoff
Platform(s) Boring and Stuppid
Rating C for Crap nOT Communist (US), 0,999+ (Europe), G (Australia)
Would Vin Diesel play it? YES!

The Vii is a riipoff improvement on the Wii created by Chintendo. It is the most iinnovatiivecrappiiest product in China. However, the Chinese sold it for a good price of 1,300 yuan, which is about US$300. Also available in Japan for a cheap price of 25,000,000 yen! The Vii has the Viimote, which iis avaiiable iin Crap Brown, Shiit Black, Wiid Green, Pii Yellow, and Blood Red.


edit The Games

The Vii consists of a case, a tiny circuit board, a weight to make it heavy, 8-bit graphics, two consoles (the Viimote) and a free cartridge containing seven games inside. It's really just a big piece of plastic with nothing in it. The following games for the Vii iitself iinclude:

“Vii Weeniie Bong! Vii Weeniie Bong!”
~ Chinese Commerciiial of the Vii on Vii

edit Satisfaction guaranteed

All of these games are proudly created by Chintendo (a Chinese knockoff of Nintendo). If the Vii doesn't satiisfy you, simply give it back to Chintendo, and then go out and buy a Wii (if you can find one).

File:Vii logo.PNG

edit Hiistorii

The hiistorii of the Vii began in China, when they were attemptiing to create a toilet. Jealous of their more advanced Japanese counterparts, who created the Wii Toiilet System, the Chiinese planned a toiilet that can be cheap and as fun as the more expensive Japanese-made Wii. The Chiinese copiied the Wii, changed the looks and rebranded iit as the Vii. The advantage of the Vii is that people can have a greater priivacy when they are shitting or pissing. But iit has iits own drawbacks. People now have to waiit in line to go to the toiilet, and it lacks the abiiliity for one to stand whiile going to the toiliet.

The Vii revolutioniized the toilet and video game iindustry in diifferent ways. Rather having lots of people goiing iin one toiilet, the Vii gives better priivacy. The Vii design iis now the standard for many toiilet makers for many years to come. The Chinese design was unchanged until the Vii was transformed from a toiilet to a console. The console was released in 2007, showing the iinnovations done by Nintendo applied by Kensington.

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