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Uncyclopedia Stock Exchange

edit About

Here in the Uncyclopedia Stock Exchange (otherwise knwon as USX), we sell and buy shares. We are a stock market. No-commissions trading day every Tuesday. Shares updated every Saturday.

Each share costs the same as the share listed (for example, a share of XXX Corp. costs $30, but in thye next week it costs $21) plus a commission fee of $8. Shares can go either up or down, so if you lost all of the money, you're fucked.

edit Stock Exchange (USX Index)

edit Companies

  • SPSD- Space Pirates Software Development (Symbol for vote Up at 87.33 by 70.83 from 16.50)
  • CBK- Central Bank (Symbol neutral vote Steady at 41.23)
  • SCLS- Squeaky Clean Laundering Service (Symbol delete vote Down at 20.00 by 2.19 from 22.19)
  • GTTS- Goa Tse Temple and Store (Symbol neutral vote Steady at 23.12)

edit Exchange Rates

  • Wildes to UNSOC Valjuta (Symbol delete vote Down at 0.0065 - 1 Valjuta = 50 Wildes)
  • Wildes to Yoinxx ((Symbol delete vote Down at 9.2532322 - 1 Yoinxx = 1500 Wildes)
  • Wildes to U.S. Dollar (Symbol neutral vote Steady at 0.03425489666215 - 1 US Dollar = 10,000 Wildes)
  • Wildes to Credits (Symbol delete vote Up at 1893.1415926535898 - 1 Credit = 100 Wildes)

edit Listing requirements

To hvae a business in this stock exchange:

  • Your business must have an owner that earns more than $40 (☺$400,000/400 Valjuta)
  • Your business must have a bank account

edit Listing Requests

Get your company listed in the stock exchange now! Shares change every Saturday!

edit Goa Tse Temple and Store

Goa tse glyphGOA TSE TEMPLE AND STORE Because There Is No Goa Tse

edit About

The Goa Tse Temple was built by two members of the Goa Tse Clan in 1337 AD. In 1484 AD, the Goa Tse Store was open, where the Goa Tse Clan sell some supplies and food to passers-by, locals and tourists. To request an order, ask at the talk page. The Goa Tse Temple is also a stock exchange. Here is where to go if you want to buy shares. To buy something, ask for it on the talk page and it will eventually be delivered. If you want a job, request it on the talk page. After you buy something, you can just put it on your userpage for something to eat for admins and whatnot. The Goa Tse Temple and Store is founded, operated and funded by the Great Temple of Goa Tse in Q'ake Tu, Giratinaton, with this investment. Here is our bank account from the Central Bank of Uncyclopedia.

Members of the Goa Tse Clan or similar usergroup can receive a 50% discount on purchases. Members of Der Unwehr can receive a 10% discount on purchases.

edit Employees

Shares are updated every Saturday. Supplies and food are restocked every two weeks.

  • Joe9320 (Owner) Weekly Salary $90 (that's ☺$900,000)


edit STOCK

(PLEASE NOTE: Prices are quoted in Wildes and U.S. dollars. Sorry, Valjuta cannot be accepted.)

Fruits, Vegetables and Meat

Microwavable Food and Fuck Goods

Clothes and Books

Video Games and Appliances


Vehicles (Giratinaton Loyola Dealership- Official Loyola Dealership)

edit Goa Tse Clan Signups

Join the Goa Tse Clan NOW! Memebers get a 75% discount!

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