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“I will fucking kill the director”
~ Steve Ballmer on Uncyclopedia 3:Steve Ballmer's Revenge

“Things are gonna get Wilde...for the third time!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia 3:Steve Ballmer's Revenge

Uncyclopedia 3
Uncyclopedia 3: Steve Ballmer's Revenge Poster
  • a) money
  • b) reffering freinds to watch itt.
  • It's already got an Oscar and it's not even out yet!
  • This Summer, The Uncyclopedia Movie 3 watches YOU!!
  • Watch or Steve Ballmer will Fucking Kill you!
Writers Oscar Wilde
Producer Oscar Wilde
Directors Steven Spielberg and Oscar Wilde (credited as Alan Smithee)
Runtime 3 hours
Language English, AAAAAAAAA!, Dickhead
Distributed by JNNN TV Anda Films, StudioCanal, Warner, Fox
IMDb rating Youtubestar.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.pngYoutubestar1.png

Uncyclopedia 3: Steve Ballmer's Revenge is the sequel to the smash blockbuster Uncyclopedia 2.

edit Plot

In this film, Steve Ballmer finally gets revenge on Oscar Wilde by drawing pictures of him doing gay stuff and posting them on Google, and those morons actually thought they were real. Oscar Wilde was embarrassed. So he planned to get revenge on Steve Ballmer by drawing pictures of him doing gay stuff. The morons at Google seemed to be smarter, since they knew Oscar's drawings were fake. So he tried plan B, to fucking kill Steve Ballmer. He hired grues, SpongeBob SquarePants, Stewie Griffin, Osama and Garfield to fucking kill Steve Ballmer. Steve was powerless, and Oscar and the gang kicked his ass. They later shot him and he was fucking killed.

edit Production

edit Music

Uncyclopedia 3: The Soundtrack was composed by the London Orchestra. The album came out 500 days after the movie was released on VHS and DVD. The list of the songs in the album are:

  1. Uncyclopedia 3 Opening Theme- 5:49
  2. Uncyclopedia 3 Opening Theme Redux- 3:21
  3. Uncyclopedia 3 Opening Theme with Vocals by Phil Collins- 5:49
  4. Lost in Uncyclopedia- 3:12

edit Reception

Here's what the critics say about Uncyclopedia 3:

“This one is worse than number 2”
~ God on Uncyclopedia 3
“Two very big thumbs down.”
~ Roger Ebert on Uncyclopedia 3
“This movie sucks. Don't waste your money buying tickets to this movie. You will walk out angry.”
~ Me on Uncyclopedia 3
“If it has Oscar Wilde in it, it has to be good.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia 3
“This movie is a blowout, baby!”
~ Dick Vitale on Uncyclopedia 3

Critics from around the world called the film as the worst movie ever but the best movie out of the entire Uncyclopedia Movie Series. The movie only made US$25,000,000 (or 10,987,654,321,012,345,678,910 Wildes) in the box office, but it broke a box office record in New Australia and Pokemon Island. The entire movie was bombed like the war in Afghanistan. But when it was discovered that the trailer is misleading and has been done on Windows Movie Maker, JNNN TV Anda was fined 10,000,000,000 New Australian yen for false and misleading advertising.

After the movie went to DVD, TimeWarner sued JNNN TV Anda Films for a dispute over a movie cover. JNNN TV Anda eventually won. The reviews were appalling. TMZ called it "the piece of shit movie that wish it wasn't made", while JNNN TV Anda executives committed suicide in the process after watching the movie. The suicide note reads that they wish that the video is forgotten and wiped out from history.

edit Quotes from the movie

“First, we'll fucking kill Steve Jobs! Then, we will fucking kill the person who wrote "Go eat shit fuckers!" And now, we will rule the world!”
~ Steve Ballmer on world domination
“I won't let you kill my fellow Jewish people! Or the Gentiles!”
~ Jesus on Steve Ballmer

edit Home Video Release

Uncyclopedia 3 was released on DVD and VHS on 23 November 2008- a mere 612 days since it was shown in cinemas. Uncyclopedia 3 made it to the record books as the last movie to be released on VHS and the longest time between cinema and home video release. But attempts are made to create a pirated copy of Uncyclopedia 3 by the Chinese, who had done the same thing to the Uncyclopedia Movie. Criticisms arose as JNNN TV Anda even admit that the movie is 75% copyright-free under the Creative Commons Agreement, and JNNN TV Anda executives are even branded as communists.

edit Sequel

Rumours that a fourth movie was declared true by JNNN TV Anda. They stated that they are going to make Uncyclopedia 0.5- The Prequel, which is set in 2005, when Uncyclopedia first came into being. Uncyclomedia Films stated that they have no plans to create new movies and withdrew a few years later. JNNN TV Anda then went on to produce a new movie called "Encyclopedia Dramatica- The Film", in co-operation with 20th Century Fox. After the release of Uncyclopedia 0.5 in 2010 on DVD and Blu-Ray, JNNN TV Anda announced that they have no plans to create any more films in the future, and withdrew from the film industry, saying that "films are completely shit and they kept getting bad reviews". A movie version of The Young And The Uncyclopedians is currently in planning instead.

edit Reference

  1. Nobody cares about black people in general and Kanye West in particular, which is why his character doesn't have a proper name (but then again, neither does Katie Holmes' character...)

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