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edit About

Unlucky☆Star (Chinese: 不吉☆星 Bùjí☆Xīng) is a cheaply made anime that first aired in 2007 in the People's Republic of China on CCTV8 (in China) and CCTV4 (internationally), and later aired on JNNN TV Anda in 2008. Produced by CCTV, it has spanned 23 episodes. Since 2008, it was produced in association with JNNN TV Anda. The anime is said by many to be a perfect copy of Lucky Star, a renowned manga series.

edit Characters

Lucky Star main characters

Characters from left to right : Qiao Tangming, Gong Xingba, Zhu Miaojiang, He Suichang

  • Gong Xingba (宫星八) is a blue-haired girl who is believed to be a Grade-A student. She is believed to be made out of the chemical Melamine. Her friends are scared of her because she always have fantasies of raping them while wearing a strap-on dildo (the reference was replaced with "fantasies of harmonising the Chinese society by force" in the Chinese version because of the communist policies in China). She is known to work at a cosplay café in Pudong, Shanghai, where she dresses up as "Grass Mud Horse" (草泥马).
  • Zhou Miaojiang
  • Qiao Tangming
  • He Shuichang

edit Episode 1

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