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Joe9320/UnNews:112 million people will watch... Aussie Rules?

The one that Univisión did not buy out

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Thursday, February 11, 2016, 04:34:59 (UTC)

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22 September 2012
MELBOURNE, Australia -- On 29 September of this year, for one day, the so-called "One Day in September", people across a single oversized island- 2.5 million of them, will be watching a game that is completely irrelevant to America: "That Game". Come on, 2.5 million? That's LESS than the Super Bowl, the "World" Series, Daytona 500 or the Olympics!

And no, we do not give a damn about "that game". I mean, look at that game, and tell me that it is a ripoff of football without the armor and the padding and the square field is replaced with a... oval field. Or something. UnNews identified "that game" as the "AFL Grand Final". Just, "Grand Final". No fancy name like the World Cup or anything that blows it off the proportion like the World Series. And what's AFL? Some trade union?

Oh and they call it "Aussie Rules". Aussie Rules? What do they mean, Aussie Rules? More like, America Rocks, right? And it is a match between two teams I had never heard of. Well, one team is based in Sydney, while the other team is based on some place that I nver had heard of.

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