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Wanna talk to hipsters but do not know how to speak Hispter? Sick of being mainstream? Do you want to hang out with hipsters whatsoever? Interested in the hipster culture of Apple computers, anti-globalisation and Fairtrade goods? Then you need a dictionary that can translate the hipster phrases and words you do not understand, so that you know what they are really saying! Hence, I would like to announce that a new guide to one of the most hated people on the planet is here. Check out...

edit Basic Greetings

edit Going out

edit Directions

Hipster English
Where's the nearest American Apparel? Where's the store where they sell ridiculously overpriced clothing made by American sweatshop labor?
Beer Piss
Piss Fosters
Pissed Pissed off or drunk
Holy toledo Strewth
There are no accent coaches in Hollywood worth a moment's consideration. Fuck off Yanks
American Septic Tank (Yank)
Shee-yit! Faaaark!

edit Common phrases

  • Nice jeans - Crap jeans
  • Is there soymilk? - I don't want milk from cows because of the hormones
  • I have a Mac - I have an overpriced, overhyped computer produced in a third-world country because I believe that Steve Jobs is God.
  • There's people starving - You are an apathetic dick.

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