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Back by Unpopular Demand after its axing three years ago on June 30, 2009, thanks to the magic, that is, of Internet Archive, we are uncovering The Young and The Uncyclopedians: New York video tapes as much as Doctor Who fans rescue the Doctor Who tapes! Sourced from the dump that is the Uncyclopedia Landfill (next to Village Dump) and then sold at the Saffron City Flea Market, here's... THE YOUNG AND THE UNCYCLOPEDIANS: NEW YORK!


And I also dug out the Season Zero copies too! Plans to uncancel The Young And The Uncyclopedians are on its way with Season Four starting next year once the script is planned.

Proposed theme song for The Young And The Uncyclopedians Season 4.

edit Plot

edit Seasons 1 and 2

TYATU:NY tells the story of Time, it's creation, and defence for the future. In the beginning of the 1600s, Kayzer Zoze, a franchesq, created time (previously an illusion) to allow time travel, previously impossible due to the continuity of time and it's Non-Archability.

Due to this, the universe ripped apart and the Earth became unstable. To protect the Earth from imminent destruction, he created the 7 walls of destiny, when more than 3 of them are destroyed, the Nordipulan stability network would collapse, when all 7 are destroyed, the Earth and the Universe would become completely unstable, and at an unknown time, will implode.

To protect the walls, Zoze created a vortex-based heritage system, that chooses a defender every 20 years, giving him or her the plain need of defending the wall. Time itself could not of been destroyed, as it would jeopardize the universe's faith.

300 years later, 1986, a man called Mann is the next in line for defenderdom. Seriously out of 6 billion people?! Why did I get picked? After success in defending 6 of the walls, and recreating one, 20 years later, The Baron is up for the job.

Upon doing so, The Baron meets The Stranger, an Anonymous madman who has the power of destroying all 7 walls. This sends The Baron on a long journey to Hell, Monar island in Australia and the Edge of the Universe.

edit Season 3

The season had been pwned at a huge budget of 1,623,530 dollars, and the grand finale, TYATU:NY, Episode 35, aired.

edit Making

The original plot was devised by Jason Maser in 1944 after the war, as "When the edge makes the twist". The story, not copyrighted, was rewritten by Post Herald Gracia (Doing well after the Herald, motto "Stalactis en uroi' Stalagmit" [Up and down]) in 1972, and sold to over 100 households worldwide as "The End of New York", speaking of a man who accidentally crushes a dead end wall causing a secret fluid, "Urine after reading Uncyclopedia" or UARU, to flood out, destroying New York.

The plot was completely redevised by GM, now Captain Gertings Mann, in 2006, creating a selection of special episodes for The Young and The Uncyclopedians, using the same characters, but with a different Genre and plot. The first special broadcasted dated back to episode 68 of the original series, seeing the success of the special, 6000 viewers, GM made a new episode, following even more success, 19000 viewers.

The New plot, TYATU:NY, became a hit. It was cancelled on UNTV1 and was moved to a sister channel, UN!TV, as an indie show. On 20 October 2007, the show was renewed for a second season with 24 episodes, rather than the 10 offered by the first season. The show was on megahiatus from 9 December 2007 to 19 March 2008 due to the WGA strike. The third season was called up in June, with a brand new plot, but same characters.

The brand new series of TYATU:NY that will start running in August had been moved to prime time.

In August 2009, TYATU and TYATU:NY was cancelled by the new executive of UNTV, Killer Frog, and replaced with tonnes of anime filler. Meanwhile, UNBC executive Joe the Burninator snapped up some used TYATU episodes from a flea market in Alabama and put proposals to air on syndication. He also plans to uncancel TYATU after a three year long hiatus and a first featured article since his rise to the UNBC board four years ago.

edit Cast

The Baron: He's a clean zombie with bones to pick and cheezy cliches to scrape out, he be the man now.

Keira: Bar0ns teh assisant. She learns to fly control black holes later in season II.

The Stranger: He may be an incarnation of Blaning, Blamemmo or Zoop Dansky. He's the main villian and killa.

Gertings Mann: The previous man, who protected the 7 walls, obviously in less trouble than the new guy.

edit TYATU Season 0, Episode 1: PILOT

edit TYATU Season 4: Episode 182


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