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Good day, ladies and gentlemen of Uncyclopedia. It is an honour to be with you all Today, the Great Uncyclopedia Article Construction Project, also known as GUACP, in which the backronym made by the Goa Tse Clan, now called the UnLeaks Liberation Authority-Goa Tse Clan (ULA-GTC) is Glorious Uncyclopedia Against Child Pornography. For several years, we have been oppressed by bourgeoisie guys who have the Order of Uncyclopedia! Today, we will work together with them to make Uncyclopedia a better place. This means that we must do that on the Five Principles, or Pancasila (pronounced as Pahn-cha-see-la).

edit Our purpose

Kagome kkitty

Our official mascots of the GUACP: Inuyasha and Kagome

The GUACP is founded on the philosophy of Pancasila and Goa Tse Do, and serves to clean up and develop Uncyclopedia. Each member writes or rewrites only one article per month. Rewritten articles can be from either the ones that are deleted from VFD, articles with the {{rewrite}} or [{construction}} tags, articles with {{ICU}} tags, or on the requested articles list. Articles that have no redeeming value are considered and treated as in the ICU category. Every three months, an article will be picked to be created or rewritten by the UnLeaks Liberation Authority-Goa Tse Clan via a complex voting system explained below.

edit How the GUACP works

Parts of the organisation is inspired by the IC, while portions of the text are sourced from the same page.

edit Step 1: Concept and Development (estimated time: one week)

The article gets nominated. A maximum of ten (10) articles are nominated for creation (if it doesn't exist yet or it is huffed) or rewriting. Any member can nominate an article that is not created yet or is in need of rewriting. For an article to be nominated for (re)writing, it needs to get a maximum score of 5 points. Anyone who is a member of the GUACP can nominate only one article, to prevent multiple nominations, vote rigging and other forms of stupidity. If more than one article has a score of 5 points, it goes into the second round of voting, and the rest of the articles be left as legacy nominations. Afterwards, all members are expected to participate in the (re)writing of the nominated article picked for it. We will notify you when it starts.

Hint: When looking for articles to nominate, try checking this, this and especially, this. Requested articles are and must be given priority in nomination as they are not written yet.

Protocol for nominating an article for (re)writing:

  1. Add {{VoteCOTW}} to the top of the article
  2. Add the article to the bottom of the queue using a level three header.
Example: if you wanted to nominate the article Robotnik for Imperial Colonization, you would write
=== [[Robotnik]] ===

edit Step 2: Writing (estimated time: three weeks)

edit Step 3: Proofreading and Review via Pee Review (estimated to be completed in one week)

edit Step 4: VFH nominations

It is placed under Pee Review, and if successful, will be placed on VFH. If unsuccessful, it will be left for people to edit to improve.

edit Five Principles

  1. Clean up articles
  2. Write new articles from either from the ground up or from the requested articles list
  3. Review articles on Pee Review
  4. Place completed articles on VFH
  5. Rewrite articles that are either already huffed by admins, in danger of deletion, or on ICU.

edit Membership, Points and Ranking

Main article: Goa Tse Clan

Like Imperial Colonization, we strive to open up new collaborations as we see fit.

Please do not add your name to the "Meet our staff" list, just add your name below. If you're approved, we'll add it to the big board for you. Also, please do not apply if you do not meet the new membership requirements.

If you want to apply using Goa Tse Do, editor/user Buccaneer Batman would apply as:
*{{u|Buccaneer Batman}}
You, on the other hand, should apply as:·
*{{u|your username}}

There are different ranks to suit the Clan. There are four currently available. Attach them to your sigs when you join:

  • Head Priest (GiratinaOriginForme)
  • Priest (GiratinaOriginForme) MUST WORK ON AT LEAST 20 ARTICLES OF THE GUACP
  • Monk (male)/Nun (female) (Magnemite)

There is only one head priest, Joe9320.

edit Current conscripts

After you're approved and on the big board, add this template to your userpage. It's pretty, I know.

Once you're signed up, you have an indeterminate amount of time (probably about one to three weeks) to contribute to the current colonization; get a feel for how the process works. We will notify you when it starts so that we don't make a right mess here. Then the real fun begins!

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