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WEBSITE NAME: Uncyclopedia
OWNER: Wikia, Inc.
GENRE: Parody

NOTE: All of Uncyclopedia's articles are assessed for quality. The score is rated on quality overall rather than the content itself. So the score is tallied overall rather than individually. If you want to see how good quality is on individual articles, see Pee Review.

Humour: 6 Overall, quality of humour is good, albeit the nonsense applied on other articles. Originally 9, but deducted to 6 for the amount of nonsense (a quarter amount of Uncyclopedia's articles are plain nonsense, like AAAAAAAAA!
Concept: 9 Most of the articles on Uncyclopedia have a good concept and the quality of the concept is of a high standard, though some of the articles sucks, mostly because of bad concept.
Prose and formatting: 9
Images: 8 Funny images, mostly good quality.
Miscellaneous: 7
Final Score: 39 Fuck Encyclopedia Dramatica! When I assessed that website, I gave it a low score of 19, because it's full of pornography, child porn and hentai! Plus it's full of nonsense anyway! At least Illogicopedia is better than them!
Reviewer: IAW of the United Nations
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