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“I'm not Daisy's duplicate!”
~ Peach on Princess Daisy
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Princess Daisy, also known as The Tomboy Formerly Known As Daisy (b. April 21, 1989), is the ruler of the Sarasaland Empire. Although Princess Daisy is thought to be no better than Princess Peach, in reality, this is propaganda in order to invade the Mushroom Kingdom and occupy it with the aim of overthrowing Peach and replacing with Daisy as its new leader. But before she could do it, she was relegated to


Tomboyish but kidnappable

edit Early life

Daisy was born in a palace in Sarasaland in 1969. When she was young she would travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to play with her childhood friend Princess Peach. Her early life consisted of threats from the alien Tatanga and his forces. At the age of six, Unlike Peach, Daisy was quite peaceful and was very sporty. She first competed in tennis and won 3-0 on her first match

Because she was very tomboyish, many of her enemies, especially Boweser, tried to kidnap her, but they always get beaten and raped. In 1986, she became a bisexual princess, after a brief stunt at the age of 16 when she was found in a nightclub in Chai dancing and kissing with other girls. She was holding a bottle of champagne on one hand and was fond stripped down to her bra and thong, dancing on top of the table. Celebrity magazines ran the picture of this incident, which lead her into being held hostage by Tatanga. As an attempt to reduce the bad press that Daisy received, she married to Luigi in 1988. In honour of the marriage, two statues of Princess Daisy and Luigi dancing, both in adult and child form, are erected outside her palace, which still stands today. Princess Daisy ascended to the throne at the age of 20 in 1989, at the end of the Cold War.

In 1993, Daisy divorced from Luigi after she discovered that Luigi was gay.

edit Celebrity period

Daisy debut in Super Mario Land in 1989 was the first of her accomplishments as In 1993, Daisy starred in a movie called Super Mario Bros. Originally, they cast Princess Peach and wanted to film it in the Mushroom Kingdom, but due to protests against Mushroom Kingdom's appalling racism record, segregation, slave labour of Koopas and Toads who are political dissidents, as well as rumours of lucrative weapons deals with Iran, Princess Daisy was cast in place of her by the director, and the filming was done in Sarasaland. Although the movie is popular in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Princess Peach praised the movie, everywhere else in the world, the movie was said to be one of the worst ever, and in Sarasaland, it became a box office bomb with sales of 5,000,000 coins. When asked by the press in Daisy's press conference in 2005, she said,

“Super Mario Bros. is the shittiest movie I had starred in. Ever.”
~ Daisy during the 2005 press conference on Sarasaland-Mushroom Kingdom Relations

and further stated that the executives of the film company "scrapped the original script and was replaced with a new script written by Lieutenant Toadsworth", who committed the Koopacide of 1978 in Koopaia. Mushroom Kingdom responded on her comment with a declaration of war that only stopped two hours later by Wario's fart bomb which wiped out half of the Mushroom Kingdom, prompting a rebuild.

edit The Koopa-Tatanga Pact

In 2007, Bowser planned out the construction of a new empire after the Toadstool Army invaded Koopaia and torched the capital, Koopaton, down. Millions of people are killed in the onslaught, which caused Bowser to move to another location, where during his exile, he plans to extend his empire "from star to shining star", and building on the exact center of the universe. Bowser sent a delegation to another planet to tow Princes Peach's castle to the center of the universe. Using the wormhole technology provided by the alien civilization that is a rival of Tatanga's, Bowser opened up a wormhole to bring all of his fleet to the center of the universe. However, a black hole was generated nearby the wormhole, and after Bowser's forces went through the wormhole, the wormhole was sucked towards the black hole, and the Comet Observatory, which is heading towards Earth during its 100-year flyby, had its source of power lost and was scattered over several parsecs across. One of its stars, which is its power source, fell into the black hole and it transformed into a planet. The Comet Observatory tumbled towards this already-formed planet and disintegrated into an inferno, killing astronaut Rosalina and her crew.

But the fleet arrived at the wrong destination, instead landing on Tatanga's planet and destroyed part of his city. The chains that secured Princess Peach's castle were shatters, and the castle crashed at the beach in several pieces. Tatanga accused Bowser of invading his empire to create a new universe, stating that creation of the new universe with a different physics field is very dangerous and can lead to total annihilation of the universe. A pact, called the Koopa-Tatanga Pact, was signed between the two parties, thus ending the dispute and Bowser became the co-ruler of Tatanga's planet. A new empire was formed two days after, and there is a promise of kidnapping both Princess Peach and Princess Daisy by holding them ransom for the entire reserve of the Mushroom Kingdom, as the pact stated.

edit Filmography

  • Super Mario Bros. (1993)

edit See Also

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