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So, you heard about this game, called League of Legends? Basically it's some game that is a clone of Defense of the Ancients, a strategy game. But the makers of the game insists that they were inspired by DOTA, rather than copying the codes down to build a stripped down barebones version.

Nope. They didn't. Half of their employees used to work on that DOTA project. They made their maps.

Hang on, you said you never heard of League of Legends, or LoL for short? Let me explain for you again...

edit What in the Fuck is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle action game, or MOBA for short. That term is just made up by our marketing team at Riot Games.

That game has a lot of players you know. It's even popular in Asia! Don't you want to play the game where you pit with four other people against five others with your character called a "champion", destroy each other's turrets and obliterate each other with magical abilities?

Wait, you do? You said how much it costs? Well...

edit It's free!

Everyone loves free stuff. That game is free. Too bad you have to purchase some stuff with real money, but they got the IP system so you don't get fucked over by some guy who has this powerful champion you wanted, but you cannot afford to purchase one because you are either a young kid, or broke, or something.

edit Starting the Game

OK, just pick a champion.

Oh, you just destroyed my turret, you fucking noob.

What? I'm just talking to myself. It's not directed to you, you know, I mean- just go back warding the lanes.

edit Trying to leave the game, are you?

Hold your horses, kiddo. You wanted to piss, shit or even go out to help someone for even a minute? Oh wait, did someone got a stroke and you need to call 911 for emergency? Tough, we'll ban you for a day because you abandoned your teammates to attend reality for a minute.

edit Fucking Teemo

I hate Teemo. You know how much I hate Teemo? This guy is an annoying little shit. Oh, you're asking me what the hell is a Teemo? It's a small, furry rat-like creature that plants mushroom bombs and shoots poison darts at the enemy target. In this case, he's targeting us.

edit I got a League of Legends American Express Debit Card

It's [[American Express]. Or should I say, Demacian Express?

I mean, this debit prepaid card is the shit. I registered for one since I got an actual job at McDonald's flipping burgers, put my $20 in and out came 2000 Riot Points. They also checked my credit history. It was a prepaid card with a certain amount of money in it, and every time I buy stuff I get Riot Points on it so I could buy this new skin or some extra stuff. [1]

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