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Orde Baru (New Order) were a New Wave/Political Punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Until its ending in 1998, they were the most influential bands to ever played in Indonesia and won hearts and minds out of many the Western audiences, including Britain and the United States. Orde Baru started when the frontman of the Communist Party of Indonesia (or the J☭y Divisi☭n) was forced to leave after a dispute with the band, only to have died three years after.

edit Formation

During the 1950's and the 1960's, Sukarno ran the nation after getting independence from the Dutch rulers, who are under the influence of amphetamines and marijuana during a negotiation deal in 1949. The radical youth groups pressured Sukarno to become their frontman after Japan broke up in 1945.

[1] [2] An Indonesian named Sukarno successfully announced a declaration of Indonesian independence. Since the Dutch thought it funny to kill any Indonesian who dared learn to read let alone form a government, Sukarno successfully nominated and voted for himself as president and subsequently won an absolute majority. By consensus of the masses, the chosen form of government at the time was absolute dictatorship. Sukarno also developed and propagated his ideology of Pancasila (lit. "the [chicken of] five spices"), inspired by the sight of his wife cooking fried chicken. (Pancasila doctrine also helped Indonesia resist the vile influences of KFC at that time.) Thus, under the auspices of Pancasilaist dictatorship, Indonesia was born as a modern country in August 1945. Sukarno celebrated his victory by humping a Japanese girl named 根本七保子.

Old Java Map

This is not a very good map.

edit 1949 Invasion

In 1949, President Sukarno declared war on the war-torn Netherlands to assert Indonesian independence. The irritated Dutch responded by launching an invasion of Easter Island due to faulty maps they had picked up at a Belgian petrol station run by Pakistanis. After negotiations, the Dutch agreed to leave Easter Island as long as Indonesia provided cheap prostitutes and methamphetamines .

Sukarno smile

Sukarno enjoyed fine arts in his spare time.

edit The formation of Orde Baru: The Band

Being an otaku, Sukarno spent too much time alone with his arts instead of managing the newborn nation, and his leadership quality fell. Feeling alienated, the United Nations expelled Indonesia in 1960. Sukarno, lacking in social skills, attempted to appease the United Nations by calling them Perserikatan Bangsat-Bangsat ("United Bastards"). The UN was not amused and started to ignore Indonesia completely. Sukarno then ordered the invasion of Western Papua in 1961 to desperately draw international attention to Indonesia. The cost of the war drove the economy to 2000's Zimbabwean-like proportions. By 1965, the country was ideologically divided between monarchists and communismcommunists. The monarchists wished to restore the Kingdom of Indonesia and to crown the then-prince Suharto, a performer from the 1950's band Orde Baru, while the Communists intended to depose Sukarno from his Pancasilaist dictatorship and annex Indonesia to the Soviet Union.

Sukarno suharto

Sukarno (left) discussing the Supersemar with Prince Suharto Orde Baru (right) in 1963

In May 1965, secretly under Suharto's command, Indonesian communists attempted coup d'etat, killing seven prominent monarchist Indonesian generals and two Pancasilaist officers. In swift retaliation, Prince Suharto and the monarchists army batallions defeated the communist insurrection within two days and one night. The tired Sukarno issued the official declaration of Supersemar, named after the superhero Semar of Indonesian folklore. Supersemar officiated the retirement of Sukarno from the dictatorship as well as the restoration of Indonesian monarchy. Seeing this miracle, The loyal Indonesian masses crowned Suharto the God-Emperor of Indonesia. The humble Suharto declined the Imperial title, opting for a kingdom instead.

The advisors of Suharto forewarned that communism and capitalism were dangerous foreign ideologies that could only be deterred by the native ideology of corruption. The wise God-Emperor Suharto then declared the establishment of a new nation ambitiously dedicated to promote corruption throughout the country. The country is renamed Kerajaan Orde Baru, or "Kingdom of the New Order," reflecting the dynastic name of Suharto (His Majesty's birth name was Muhammad Suharto Orde Baru). With popular support, Indonesian communists across the country were instantly executed, effectively reducing the Indonesian population by 30%. Seeing that the Pancasilaists were harmless, the newly-crowned Suharto allowed all Pancasilaists to live and gain citizenship in the new kingdom, despite their anti-monarchy ideology.

edit Dismissal

edit Discography

edit Glorious Bankruptcy of 1998

In 1998 Indonesia's corruption policies triggered the Asian financial crisis. The crisis was triggered by outdated corruption practice that wasn't equipped to be ready for globalized corruption. Even pyramid and trapezoid schemes weren't enough. Soon, Indonesia and the rest of Asia ran out of things and people to steal from. Due to illegal financial speculation on heavily leveraged fraudulently obtained State credit wholly unpredicted currency fluctuations, Indonesians who ere dirt poor decided to vent their wrath at the Indonesian Chinese. The riots soon got out of hand when the Chinese responded by cooking massive amounts of food, which triggered fire and burned entire Chinatowns. To save face, the Chinese then quietly left for Singapore and Malaysia, because the government of PRC denies them access for "not being Chinese enough".

Demo suharto

Enraged East Timorese condemned the overthrow of the gentle Orde Baru Kingdom.

Ganyang malaysia

"All your Malaysia are belong to Sukarno", some n00b made propaganda from 60s and today's used for soldier recruiting for invade Ma-gay-sia if they become more like trolls.

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