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By signing the IllogiPact, you are keeping an illegally binding agreement to fight against Illogicopedia's tyranny and the IC (which are nothing but a bunch of imperialist pigs), and you are also be able to use Illegal UnTender, which are officially known as Wildes. What's more you can enjoy the benefits of making Uncyclopedia the best, and therefore, a change for the better. And if any of the usergroups feel threatened by the IC's power, then we will defend one another.



  1. We the undersigned, hereby decree unconditionally to the High Priest of the Goa Tse Clan all forces on the internet who are at this date under UNSOC and IC control.
  2. In the event that UNSOC or the IC becomes better than the usergroups that signed the Pact, the Imperial Colonization will force to surrender all of their articles they attempt to rewrite and be placed under the Signee's control, and UNSOC will be sanctioned for at least 24 (twenty-four) hours.
  3. The Imperial Colonization must cease all attempts to rewrite articles. In the event of doing so, they will be sanctions imposed on Imperial Colonisation for 5 (five) days. Admins who are part of any usergroups who signed the Pact must ban any members involved. That way, Uncyclopedia will become a better place for all.
  4. By singing the Pact, you are able to use the official Currency of the Goa Tse Clan (Illegal Untender, also known as the Wilde) to purchase any edible or non-edible materials and supplies.
  5. You also hereby agree that by signing the IllogiPact, you must break any ties with UNSOC, UNATO and Illogipedia.

Signed at Goa Tse Temple, Giratinaton

Fuck UNATO, Fuck UNSOC, and Fuck IC!

Groups who signed

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