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“The only way to become the guy is to kill the guy”
~ Oscar Wilde on this game

~ You on The Game

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game, also known as The Game, is a video game based on the movie I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie, which is loosely based on the game I Wanna Be The Guy created by Kayin, who also wrote the script for the movie based on the game. The original game and the game based on the movie is notorious for its hard-as-hell difficulty, every item in the game that tries to kill the player, rooms filled with spikes, and 8-bit music from the movie.

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The main character, named "The Kid", wanted to become "The Guy". To do this, he had to kill himself to become the Guy. As he came across several places, everything there is trying to kill him. You must commit extermination of the Kid in order to become the Guy.


The Guy basically comes in two forms. In easy mode, you are a "wuss" and he dresses up in fab-u-lous pink clothes.

If you play the Ridiculously Extremely European Japanese Insanely Hard, expect a lot of deaths. But even at "easy" mode you can still die:

If you have a certain computer, being the Guy and killing the Guy causes the computer to divide by zero, then the computer crashes.


Most of the levels are designed by Death, who wanted to build a death simulator called A Myriad Ways To Die. However, despite the death simulator being successful, the Ethics Department in Hell declared the machine to be used only by dictators and despots. Portions of the code for the death simulator are given to Kayin by Death's undertakers for development of I Wanna Be The Guy.

Level Old Man

Do not jump on the sword. Otherwise, this sentence: "You had jumped on the sword. You retard" appears.

Level Punch-Out!!!

The Punch-Out! level is frequented by fans of the Nigga stole my bike meme. Here, you avoid the bricks that will lead to your death by triggering a trapdoor mechanism that opens the bricks and have a spike falling upwards. If you get hit, then the nigga steals everything from you.

Level Spikes

Every corner is full of spikes. These spikes are worse than Punji sticks. Falling, running, crashing, being squashed or hitting on the spike causes instant death. Every step can cause injury.

Level Spikes 2: Electric Boogaloo

Go through this route, and you step onto this place, you fall into the spikes. And there are spikes above the save file too. On some computers, falling onto the spike causes the computer to divide by zero and destroy it completely.

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