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Equal Division is a Russian board game that is considered as the communist version of Monopoly. The game is named after the principle of shared of property in communism. No longer published after 1991, the last remaining

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edit History

During the 1930's, when the Depression hit the capitalist nations, Soviet Russia are making progress through leaps and bounds thanks to the five-year plans created by Joseph Stalin, which teaches us that two and two makes five, and that everyone should not own property except for the leader of the communist estate. A Russian developed a board game that teaches how the communist economy works

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edit Board

The game board consists of nine spaces (In Gulag, Go to Gulag, Leader's House and No Property). Unlike Monopoly, where there are spaces for utility, railway and property companies, Equal Division has none of the companies, as they are all owned by the Leader. Only one person is chosen to be the Leader, whose role is similar to the Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons. The Leader has a spot in the game as being the overseer of the players.

edit Rules

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